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Title: An Anchor on Her Heart
Series: Mended Hearts #1
Author: Patricia Lee
Publisher: Mountain Brook Ink
Release Date:
August 1, 2017
Genre: Inspirational Contemporary Romance



Can they keep their friendship pure when their hearts long for more?
McKenna Nichols, a young wife abandoned by her husband in favor of his work, is left alone to raise their autistic child. She promised to love him until death parted them. But when circumstances drive a wedge into their marriage and Dane chooses to escape what life has dealt them, how long can she be strong? Can she remain faithful to her marriage vows when tempted by the friendship of an unlikely stranger?
Rudy Taylor, who senses McKenna’s loneliness and understands the difficulty of raising her daughter, struggles to keep his concern for the young woman biblical.  Will McKenna’s faith in God and Rudy’s commitment to his Lord be enough to keep their relationship simple until McKenna’s husband one day returns?

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As teenage sweethearts, she and Dane used to race down this street toward the ocean. She’d hold his hand at the top of the berm separating the beach from the town, letting the turbulent air tangle her hair around her face and neck. Dane would lead her to the sand, and they’d sit, his fingers straightening the unruly locks, his kisses tickling her ears. Nothing separated them, all of life waiting like a well-written fairytale.


Until Sydney changed the story for Dane.




Patricia Lee is a published author, having written since she first learned what words could do at the age of six. She holds a BA in journalism from the University of Oregon. Articles to her credit have appeared in Moody Monthly, Power for Living, Expecting and Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse as well as in two anthologies— Cup of Comfort Bible Promises and In the Company of Angels. She is part of a team of bloggers who submit short devotionals for FaithHappenings.com.

Patricia is a member of the Oregon Christian Writers and of American Christian Fiction Writers. She and her husband have two adult children and live in the Pacific Northwest with two sleepy cats.

CONNECT WITH PATRICIA:  Website | Facebook | Twitter





This story pulled me in like a riptide and tossed me like waves on the ocean. The emotions are raw, the issues very real, and Ms. Lee does not make light of them, or downplay the reality of a child with special needs.

That Dane chose to leave rather than stay when his daughter was born gutted me. McKenna’s devotion to him was admirable—but maddening. That she honored her marriage vows was beyond honorable.

The setting—the Pacific Northwest and Alaska—were as much a part of this story as the characters. I was fascinated with the aspects of the fishing industry, and have a new appreciation for the men who make their living.

The attraction between McKenna and Rudy was as tumultuous as a storm on the Bering Sea—and as treacherous. As a reader, I wanted to see them get together. As a Christian I applauded them both for honoring God’s Word. The tension was taut and sometimes unbearable.

I did not raise a child with special needs, but I was a single mom and I could identify with McKenna too well in some of her deepest struggles. I appreciated Ms. Lee for portraying  McKenna in such a realistic light.

I cheered, I scolded, I cried. And I surely adored Sydney





I received a complimentary copy of this book, but was under no obligation to read the book or to post a review. I offer my review of my own free will. The opinions expressed in my review are my honest thoughts and reaction to this book.



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Edie Melson is a woman of faith with ink-stained fingers observing life through the lens of her camera. No matter whether she’s talking to writers, entrepreneurs, or readers, her first advice is always “Find your voice, live your story.” As an author, blogger, and speaker she’s encouraged and challenged audiences across the country and around the world. Her numerous books reflect her passion to help others develop the strength of their God-given gifts and apply them to their lives.









Edie is offering a Kindle or print copy of Soul Care for Writers.




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Does Every Writer Need a Street Team?

Authors write books because we have a passion for writing, not because we love marketing. But in today’s publishing world, no matter how talented the author or how large your traditional publisher—an author must learn to market. But who has time for marketing when we’re honing craft, writing books, and—oh yes, seeking first God’s Kingdom (i.e. ministering locally and abroad—Acts 1:8)?


A great STREET TEAM can become a fantastic partner in our writing journey.

What Is a Street Team?

Wiki says a street team is, “a group of people who ‘hit the streets’ promoting an event or a product.” In my experience, a street team is a group of people who love our writing so much that they’re excited to help us share it with as many of their friends as possible—in every way available.”


Street team members are “super fans” who are crazy about our books and don’t mind telling people so. They tell the store clerk, the dental hygienist, and their child’s teacher. When the store clerk, hygienist, and teacher become rabid fans, we can add them to our street team too!


Launch Team vs. Street Team

Launch Team

Though I’ve never heard an “official” distinction, in my experience, a street team is different than a launch team. My publisher gathers a launch team for a period of time to help market the launch of a single book. About three months before each book’s release, my publisher opens their own launch team applications (separate from my BFFs). Launch team members receive an advanced readers’ copy (ARC) of my book in exchange for an honest review on an online retailer of their choice. Since this is all done through the publisher, I often don’t even see the list of If you’d like to apply for a launch for one of Waterbrook Multnomah’s books, CLICK HERE.

Street Team

Distinctly different is my street team, some of whom have been helping me market biblical fiction (mine and others) since we released Love in a Broken Vessel in 2013. Many I’ve never met in person but have become close friends. The team is called, “Mesu’s BFFs”—BFFs short for Biblical Fiction Fans—and we promote the biblical fiction genre all year long.


Some BFFs have stepped off the team, allowing new members to apply and join. We’ll open applications for new members during the month of September 2019, and lock in our new team to begin Isaiah’s Legacy pre-release marketing by mid-October. My street team has been active for more than six years now, and their marketing power has become a crucial part of my marketing plan.

How Do You Build a Street Team?

I’m often asked, “How do you find people to join your street team?” I started with family and friends who loved my books. Then added their family and friends who became super fans too! But the goal is to reach outside our immediate circles of influence, which is the reason we require an application to join the street team. CLICK HERE TO VIEW 2018 BFF APPLICATION. We give existing members a chance to take a break and then fill their spots with new applicants to build a well-rounded team that reaches all four corners of the book-buying market.

  1. Book Bloggers/Reviewers (Individual or team blogs)
  2. Social Media (My main platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube)
  3. Online Book Communities (Goodreads, Litsy, LibraryThing, etc)
  4. Church/Community Influencers (On-site bookclub leaders, Librarians—public and church, Women’s ministry leaders, etc.)


With our balanced team assembled, we start pre-release promotion at least five months before it hits bookstore shelves. Independently (indie) published authors usually begin pre-release promotion much later but should consider assembling their street teams with the same balanced approach.


Since a street team is a group that stays together long-term, personalization and rapport is essential. Each member wants to feel like they know the author personally. A Facebook Group Page is helpful for this kind of team building. Occasional and informal Facebook Lives or Google Hangouts are also fun. Members want more than just a free book. They want the author to know them!


A team member’s goal is to promote a book in all four of the categories. If they don’t have a personal blog or aren’t a member of a book club, ask if they’d consider starting one. Make it a team-only contest and offer a $20 Starbucks gift card if a minimum of five members participate. You’ll build team rapport, and one thriving new book club could pay for that team prize.

How Many People Should Be on My Team?

I’ve heard of street teams with as few as ten members and as many as several hundred. If we’re with a traditional publisher, our team number may be limited by the number of paperback ARCs they’re willing to offer. If, however, the publisher shares ARCs through digital files (NetGalley, Book Funnel, etc.), the number of members is limited only by our time and energy to manage the team. Volunteer coordinators can help select, organize, and brainstorm BFF team selection and activity. I have found two coordinators and fifty-five members are sort of a sweet spot for my teams rapport and efficiency.

When Should I Begin Building a Street Team?

If you dream of publishing a book someday, start building super fans now with family and friends who love your writing!


If you’re seeking an agent or looking for a traditional publisher, build a street team into the marketing section of your book proposal. Your members don’t have to be super organized yet, but this commitment to marketing will make a good impression.


If you’re indie/self-published(ing), build your street team DURING YOUR WRITING AND PUBLISHING PROCESS. Involve potential super fans in choosing character names, settings, and cover options. Notice people who comment most and ask them to join your team!


Those already published with a trad house should ask the marketing department how building a street team might help with the marketing department’s planned campaign. Today’s publishers tend to enter long-term relationships with authors who take marketing seriously. My publisher even mentions my BFFs in my author bio—that’s how much they appreciate my super fans!


And, believe me, I love them even more!

  • A great street team loves your writing so much that they share it with as many friends as possible in every way available. @MesuAndrews #mesusbffs #streetteams #bookmarketing
  • The number of street team members is limited only by your time and energy to manage them. @MesuAndrews #mesusbffs #streetteams #bookmarketing
  • First step to build a street team? Get your family and friends hooked on everything you write. @MesuAndrews #mesusbffs #streetteams #bookmarketing





Mesu Andrews is the Christy Award winning author of Isaiah’s Daughter whose deep understanding of and love for God’s Word brings the biblical world alive for readers. Andrews lives in North Carolina with her husband Roy and enjoys spending time with her growing tribe of grandchildren.












Mesu is offering an e-copy of Isaiah’s Daughter, or a print copy to a U.S. address.

Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

Giveaway will begin at 12:00 A.M. on Monday 19 August and end at 12:00 A.M. on Monday 26 August. Giveaway is subject to the policies found on Robin’s Nest.






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The past months—summer months—have been a confoundng time for me. Weakness is part and parcel of the RA, but I began feeling a new level of malaise sometime in May. Doctor visits didn’t identify the culprit, not even my physical in July. Not until the telltale rash developed—I had Scabies! And lemme tell ya, that is a level of torment I’d not wish on anyone. (For the record, it is passed from an infected person; it is not from having or living in a filthy house, as was suggested to me.)

Once the correct diagnosis was made, and treatment administered, I began to feel better, and am now mostly back to how great I felt in April and early May. The upswing of this recovery is my writing, both the new book and the blog.


Today I give you a poem I wrote during one of my lowest points of depression—correction, a poem Holy Spirit wrote via the pen in my hand. Only the first line was from my desperate mind; the rest flowed through me like a refreshing spring of cool water on a hot day. A short time later, He also gave me the melody to go with it.



Oh, my sweet Jesus, I long for your presence

My heart is not whole, except you are there

Wash me anew with Your great Holy Spirit

And grant me the power Your goodness to share.

Heavenly Father, I need You with me,

Your strength and Your mercy my soul to sustain.

Let nothing dwell in me ‘twould bind me from You

By Your grace, Lord, perfect me that I might bear Your name.

Pour Your anointing into my spirit

Kindle Your love in my soul every day

To set me in motion, to reach out around me,

To witness Your grace and Your Word to proclaim.

Put wings to my words, Lord, let me serve You in ways

That others might see You and ask of Your plan.

Use my feet as Your feet, Lord, my hands as Your own

And manifest things that only You can.

Send me out to the world, God, Your flock to help gather.

Grant me words of wisdom to help the lost see

Your perfect salvation, Your will for us all.

Oh show the world, Jesus, Your light in me.


                                © Robin E. Mason

                                April 1989


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Wally had been cooped up all winter and was ready for a great adventure! His chores came first, then after his father reminded him of the rules, Wally was off. The first rule was to never go exploring alone, but when none of Wally’s friends could go, he was determined to go anyway. Look inside to find out what Wally faces on his adventure!




Chrys Wimer was born and raised in Fresno, California. She graduated from The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California with a degree in Psychology. She went on to get her Multiple Subject teaching credential from California State University, Fresno. She taught grades K-4 in private schools and is now a substitute teacher for Clovis Unified School District. She enjoys reading, photography, traveling, crafting, cooking/baking, and singing. She is involved in various ministries at her church.







A valuable lesson in obedience.

The cover is darling, with a happy grin on Wally’s cute face.

The illustration colors are rich and vibrant, and I especially loved the bright spots of flowers and butterflies and dragonflies. The cute characters and colorful background will engage children in the story. I appreciated the color behind the text versus a plain white background. The font could have been bigger though, for younger readers.


As Wally went from one friend to another I was reminded of Chicken Little. Except that Chicken was looking for friends to help her work, and Wally was asking friends to come and play.


Wally tried to follow the rules but adventure beckoned, and temptation swayed him. And when he faced first danger and then hunger, Wally realized why the rules were there, and he was only too eager to get home where it was safe.

As Wally learns his lesson, the story and illustrations will encourage young readers to obey their parents, too.






I received a complimentary copy of this book, but was under no obligation to read the book or to post a review. I offer my review of my own free will. The opinions expressed in my review are my honest thoughts and reaction to this book.



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“Faith Filled Fiction”


“Writing is the best job ever… and the most demanding.”




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Vikki Kestell’s passion for people and their stories is evident in her readers’ affection for her characters and unusual plotlines. Two often-repeated sentiments are, “I feel like I know these people,” and “I am right there, in the book, experiencing what her characters experience.”

Vikki holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technologies. She left a career of twenty-plus years in government, academia, and corporate life to pursue writing full time. “Writing is the best job ever,” she admits, “and the most demanding.”

Also an accomplished speaker and teacher, Vikki and her husband Conrad Smith make their home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.









“A genre to me is more the setting than the objective. My characters are real to me. I could put them in any genre and they would thrive..”


Vikki is offering five free Kindle copies of Laynie Portland Spy Rising.


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“Trading guilt and misery for God’s grace and mercy.”


“I don’t present the Gospel message in my books, but God is evident throughout the stories. My characters struggle with everyday problems, pray to and receive strength and wisdom from a loving God.”


Please join me in giving a feathered welcome to Hope Toler Dougherty.



Cake or Cookies

Facebook or Twitter

Paperback or Kindle

Thornton or Darcy


rem:  Hullo, Hope, and welcome to my little nest. Tell us a little about yourself. Where were you raised? Where do you live now?

HOPE:  I was born in North Carolina. I lived in Pittsburgh, PA, with my husband and family for 14 years before moving back to NC in 2004. We built a house on land my great-grandfather owned.

rem:  Oh, I love that—living in a family home! Tell us three random things about yourself no one knows.

HOPE:  I would love to play the banjo in a Bluegrass band. Teenagers scare me. I would love to work in radio.

rem:  Teenagers are scary creatures!! And Bluegrass is such fun music! Do you have a favorite Bible verse? And why is it a favorite?

HOPE:  One of my favorites is Ephesians 3:20 [God] is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.” God is big, and He knows what’s best for us.

rem:  Oh, yes, ma’am, He surely is and does! What is your favourite quotation and why?

HOPE:  I’m not sure the author of this quotation, but I really like it. “Amazing things happen on the other side of fear.” Too often we miss things because fear holds us back. I’m trying not to let that be my legacy.

rem:  And how sad it is when we let fear hold us back from the good things Father God has for us! What’s the most random thing in your bag or on your desk?

HOPE:  A ball of cotton yarn and a crochet hook. I like making wash cloths to give people if I’m stuck in a meeting.

rem:  How fun is that! I used to crochet but haven’t in an age! If you could spend an evening with a fictional character, who would it be and why?

HOPE: Jane Eyre!! She’s so fearless. She’s so confident in who she is and what she believes.


rem:  Great choice! Take me with you. What do you think is significant about Christian fiction?  How has being a novelist impacted your relationship with Christ?

HOPE: Christian fiction has a purpose beyond simple entertainment. CF offers hope which is what God offers us. My relationship with Jesus Christ is more mature. He’s taught me so much about Himself as well as about myself.

rem:  I love how the two intertwine—our writing and our identity in Him. When reading, what makes or breaks a story for you? Your fiction pet peeve?

HOPE:  Preachiness. (rem:AMEN SISTER!)  Boring dialog. Sloppy editing—when something happens on Saturday in one chapter and it’s Sunday in the next, when gas logs are mentioned in one chapter and ashes in the fireplace are described in the next.

rem:  Yes, yes, yes!! Drives me batty! (and yes, my inner editor goes bonkers, looking to see if I missed a clue or reason it would change… )  What are you reading right now?

HOPE:  I just finished The Wife Between Us for our book club. I also read Educated and Where the Crawdads Sing this summer. I’m looking forward to reading Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer, but I have tons more on my bedside table, on the floor beside my bed, on my desk, on the floor beside my desk…

rem:  Oh, so your TBR is about like mine… You flew a plane!! I may or may not be insanely jealous! (I am! hee hee)  Tell us about that experience.

HOPE:  While I was single, I decided to take flying lessons. I loved the experience and soloed a Cessna 150 a few times, but I never earned my pilot’s license. So much math, and science, and physics!

rem:  Well darn! That would have done it for me too! As a speaker, what topics do you present? What is your favorite?

HOPE:  I’ve spoken on God’s gifts and lessons from my writing journey, different aspects of writing a novel, the idea of changing career paths, the inspiration behind each of my novels. I can adapt my presentation to the audience. I’m not sure I have a favorite topic. I just love interacting with audiences.

rem:  One day, I’d love to attend one of your presentations. In a blog post titled, “Doing the Hard Things… Again,” (25 June 2018) you quoted, “If children don’t learn to do difficult things while they’re growing up, how will they do hard things when they’re adults?” I so, so agree with this. What does this quote mean to you and how do we implement it in the lives of our children?

HOPE:  First of all, thanks for reading some of my posts! That one is one of my favorites, by the way. We live in a fallen world, so life is hard. We’re not preparing our children for real life if we rake every stone from their path. Parents teach grit by making children honor a commitment to a team by finishing the season, by writing thank you notes, by taking swim lessons even if the water is cold, by apologizing if they’ve messed up, by speaking to the college professor if they’ve bombed an exam. Parents then encourage, support, and pray for them.

rem:  I love your answer as much as I loved the original post. (and it was my pleasure reading through [some of] your past posts!)  I read your post about the inspiration for Rescued Hearts. What are the “what if” moments for an author?

HOPE: The “what ifs” are ideas that float into my mind, and I begin wondering. They help me contemplate possibilities.


rem:  The most powerful tool in an author’s arsenal! #winkwink  Tell us a little about your writing journey.

HOPE:  I’ve always enjoyed writing and sporadically published non-fiction pieces but never wrote fiction because I didn’t think I could. In 2009 when our oldest daughter prepared to leave our nest (!), a daydream about Ireland came to me and wouldn’t go away. I started writing Irish Encounter then, began attended writing conferences and started writing a new project, met my agent in 2013, signed contracts in 2014, and had two books published in 2015.

rem:  So literally, your dream came true! Fictionally speaking… What are your top 3 recommendations for a new writer? What 3 things would recommend not doing?

HOPE:  1. Read all kinds of books, especially the genre you want to write and also writing craft books. 2. Write every day. 3. Attend writing conferences to take classes and to meet other writers. (And for a bonus one—PRAY!) 1. Don’t compare yourself with other writers. God blesses people differently. 2. Don’t let discouragement derail your dreams.  3. Don’t give up.

rem:  YES to pray for one another. OUCH to write every day… (I’ve had a rough spell for a long while… )  How do you choose your characters’ names?

HOPE:  Naming is such a hard thing for me. My family sometimes took weeks to name a pet! I have a baby name book, and I sometimes try out several names before I choose the right one. I think about the character’s age and the possible reasons behind a name.

rem:  Oh my! I’m totally the opposite—usually, though not always, when I meet a character I know their name! Do you think of the entire story before you start writing?

HOPE:  No. I try to fill out character sketches as much as I can before I begin, but I’m a seat-of-the-pants writer. I like being surprised at my laptop.

rem:  With my first novel I just sat and wrote… Seven books in, I now have reams of notes on who’s who and who likes what, etc. Tell us a little about your latest book? What is your current project?

HOPE:  My fourth manuscript is under contract for a May, 2020, release. (rem:YAY)  It’s the story of Josie and Ches…A college professor is good at nurturing. An attorney is good at keeping secrets. When their lives intersect, sparks fly, changing hearts and lives forever.

rem:  What is YOUR favorite part about the book or why do you love this book? Why should we read it?

HOPE:  I love the texting scenes between Josie and Ches and the sibling interaction with Josie and her three brothers I explored the idea of emotional affairs in this story. With the ease of finding old boyfriends and girlfriends on the Internet today, we need to be aware of and discuss emotion affairs.

rem:  You are so right! So often we forget about the emotional connection when the official relationship ends.  Please give us the first page of the book.



            Josie Daniels blew a hot breath into the neck of her white collared shirt, desperate for any kind of breeze. Summer heat in Charlotte wilted tough people in billowy seersucker. Her Park ‘n Go uniform, navy blue chino pants and an oxford cloth button-down, could stifle the hardiest of constitutions. She wiped a final sweep across the headlight of an SUV, and Kenny, her co-worker, grabbed her attention.

            “Hey, Josie.” He nodded to the car eating up the entrance ramp. “Your turn.”

            A new Lexus Sport Coupe prowled through the parking lot just this side of speeding and jerked to a stop in front of her. Leaving the car idling, the driver jumped out and motioned to her. “Get in. I’ll be back.”

            Nice manners. But accompanying travelers up to the drop off and driving their cars back to park them for the duration of the trip was her extra job for the summer, so she’d work hard to tamp down any miffed feelings.

            The air conditioner, blowing at full blast, chilled the sheen of perspiration on her face. Sitting in rich cars with icy air added to the perks of working at the Park ‘n Go. Every business person who dressed in several layers, long sleeves, and long pants despite the heat had to keep the A/C pumping all the time.

            What a sweet ride. Leather seats, of course. Still smelled new, for heaven’s sake. A bottle of ibuprofen in a cupholder. Interesting. A screen in the middle of the dashboard. Cool.

            Her brothers would choke when she told them she drove a brand new—

            The driver slid into the seat and buckled the seat belt. A light fragrance of a pleasant aftershave wafted her way. Score one point for not wearing an obnoxious amount of cologne. Good job, Mr. Hot Shot Something.


rem:  Oh what a fun scene! What is one take-away from your book(s) that you hope readers identify with?

HOPE:  God is big, and His plan for us is always better than our plan. In the middle of God’s will is the best place to be. When I pray for the safety of my family every day, I also pray that we stay in God’s will.

rem:  Couldn’t agree with you more! Anything you’d like to add?

HOPE:  Thanks for having me on your blog. You asked some interesting questions!

rem:  My pleasure, Hope. Happy to have you visit my little nest!












“Sometimes the writer’s life borders on the lonely side–unless you count spending time with imaginary characters, that is…   Spending time with other writers, especially Christian writers, is always such an encouragement, and spending that time at a beach (with lots of chocolate)? All the better!”



Hope is offering an e-copy of Rescued Hearts, or a print copy to a U.S. reader.

Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

Giveaway will begin at 12:oo A.M. on Thursday 15 August and end at 12:oo A.M  on Thursday 22 August. Giveaway is subject to the policies found on Robin’s Nest.



“Can I worship in jeans or shorts or pajamas? Yes.

Have I done it? Yes—beside Niagara Falls, around a campfire, at my desk. The Red Rock State Park in Arizona brought me to tears contemplating our Creator.”



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