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Young Men, Sex, and Urge Ownership (And Why It’s Not The Girl’s Problem).

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all about Spanish

Still no new wonderful witty words this week.

The sinus crud is lingering, but that’s not the reason.

his week I’m all about Spanish.

As in, writing a curriculum for a workshop I’m teaching.


This Saturday.

Two days hence.

The aforementioned sinus crud interfered in no small measure

my ability to write the curriculum in a timely fashion,

and I have,


cranked it out in the past week.

I did, oh-so-thankfully,

have the structure laid out,

the road map of what I want to convey

Also, oh-so-thankfully,

it is a four-hour workshop on

basics and fundamentals,

not a full blown “we gonna be fluent today” crash course.

It has,

as with all things I ever put my hands to,

turned out much grander than originally concepted.

And that’s okay, ’cause that’s how I roll.

So for now,

hasta la semana proxima!!

[Til next week.]




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Aren’t the cars that are going slower suppose to ride in the righthand lane? Isn’t the lefthand lane suppose to be for the cars that are moving faster?

I was recently traveling. As I looked ahead of me you could see cars weaving from the lefthand lane, to the right hand lane and back to the lefthand lane. I found out the reason for their weaving in and out. There was a car in the lefthand lane that was going slower and refused to get in the correct lane.

As I passed these cars I would look in my rearview mirror. There would be a gap before the next group of cars would catch up to them.  Never once did they get into the correct lane.  Then the other cars would catch up and it would slow traffic down and the cars would start weaving in and out.

Then came…

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Why Do We Try So Hard? {Of Pruning Shears and a Severed Pinky}.

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to all my adoring fans: the head cold of last week went from bad to badder, in the form of sinus infection, compounded by lack of sleep, two weeks of lack of sleep – I don’t got nothing, I got less than nothing. on the bright side, I had a delightful (yes, even feeling like crud) week with my granddaughters!!! can’t beat that!!

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Not So Much

Not so much this week.

Owing to the fact of me being sick.


Just a head cold,

that started to settle into a chest cold.

It didn’t,

but I spent my week

utterly drained.

And not writing so much.

So, no dazzling blog this week.

I will, however, give tribute and honor

to our Great Nation,



Happy Birthday

to the U.S. of A.

Two hundred and thirty-eight years young.

The the land of the free


home of the brave.


I don’t guess we can have any idea

what it was like to live under a controlling monarch,

with no rights, no recourse.

However twisted and contorted and abused our nation is today,

we still have our rights, however shredded or thin they may be.

We don’t know what these men and women escaped from.

We cannot imagine the sense of freedom they felt.

And we cannot know the depth of the words they penned,

in poem, hymn, constitution, declaration.

We can, however, take their words and keep them,

know them and own them.

We can preserve our great nation.










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