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“Sometimes, I get feedback from those who read it, other times I will never know if Dishonor made any sort of impact. But, I am so glad that I have an opportunity to share my story. God is constantly at work, drawing people to Himself. To be used in any way in this process is the greatest honor. It blows me away that He allows us to be a part of His mission.”

“Describing me as a high strung individual, is a fairly accurate description… During the day, I often feel as if the entire world is crashing down around me. If I can complete just one of the many tasks I need to do, the entire universe settles in a sense of order and accomplishment.”



rem:  Hullo David, and welcome to Robin’s Nest. Tell us three things about yourself that no one knows.

DAVID:  1. I can bend both my index fingers backwards rem: OUCH  2. I learned how to swim by watching my children take lessons. 3. Almond M&M’s are my favorite candy.



rem:  Cookout—steaks or burgers?

DAVID:  Turkey burgers. Turkey tastes better than beef!

rem:   I’ll take your word on that… Coke or Pepsi?)

DAVID:  I am a fan of Coke, however I just recently quit drinking soda and have switched to unsweetened tea. (Lowering sugar intake, trying to stay alive longer…)

rem:  Coke for me too—but only when my blood sugar dips and only for the sugar. Otherwise, it’s unsweet tea 24/7. Over or under or monster?

DAVID:  Over of course.

rem:  Ten points!! Fishing or hunting?

DAVID:  I don’t eat seafood and I am forbidden from owning a gun by the federal government. So I have to say neither.

rem:  I shall claim your portion of seafood. Vacation: beach or mountains?

DAVID:  Beach

rem:  Such a soothing sound.


rem:  Do you have a favorite Bible verse? And why is it a favorite?

DAVID:  Romans 8:1 So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.

This is my favorite verse because to me it means that we are totally forgiven from our past and that we belong to Him!

rem:  YES and AMEN!! (Romans is my favorite book in the Bible!) If you could spend an evening with one person who is currently alive, who would it be and why?

DAVID:  I had to really think about this one. I really enjoy Craig Groeschel’s writing and sermons so maybe him or Francis Chan. Either of those guys. I would love to catch a just a little bit of their passion and conviction.

rem:  Seems to me your passion and conviction shows up loud and clear in what you’ve written. Are you a reader? Fiction or non? What are you reading right now?

DAVID:  I listen to books on Audible because it’s more convenient for me. Most of the books I read are bios and memoirs, especially stories about overcoming great obstacles in life. Many are military in nature, however I just finished The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row by Anthony Ray Hinton from a recommendation. It was very good.

rem:  I can see why those powerful stories would appeal to you. When reading, what makes or breaks a story for you?

DAVID:  What makes a story is the ability of the author to pull me into the story so well, that I am visually there. What breaks a story is when I feel like it’s dragging along and I am getting nowhere.

rem:  True on both counts. You have a different writing journey to most authors I interview, but you have an invaluable message. What is the essence of your message?

DAVID:  What I want people to take away from my book is that, we don’t have to be defined by our past. We can find total forgiveness in what Christ did for us on the cross.

rem:  YES and AMEN times two! How did your book come about?

DAVID:  As a military child and having moved around my whole life, I have always been a storyteller. When the fact that I had been in prison came up in conversation, people wanted to hear more. After sharing details, almost everyone would say, “You need to write a book!” I was given the advice to blog first, then compile the blog posts into a book. So I wrote and posted my book on my blog a thousand words a week for three years. It was such good advice because, my story developed a following which assisted in the success of my launch. (Of course God had His hand in the whole thing.)

rem:  I’d say it worked well indeed! You are a living and vivid example of Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

What was the turning point for you?

DAVID:  There were several turning points for me. 1. After a drug relapse in prison, I got a letter from my dad stating he would risk his job, reputation and life on the fact that I would never do drugs again. God showed me that I was hurting the people that loved and cared about me. I swore off drugs forever. 2. Hearing a preacher on the radio say that God forgave all my sins 2000 years before I was born. I didn’t have to beg for forgiveness anymore because I was already forgiven. I just needed to rest in this truth.

rem:  Powerful—there are no words [to respond.] What would you do differently?

DAVID:  Just say no to drugs.

rem:  You said in a phone call to your parents, “They said that they were praying for me but, I wasn’t really listening, I just wanted to let them know I was fine.” As a mother of grown children, I have watched them make foolish decisions and understand a degree of the angst your parents must have felt.

You turned a deaf ear to their faith, but could you feel or sense the Power of their prayers? How so?

DAVID:  It is hard to explain but at one point, I felt a very clear physical pressure surrounding my body to turn myself in to the authorities. I had my mind made up that I would even die through suicide by cop, rather than go back to jail. So I know that the feelings I felt were not my own. I was being guided and directed by the Holy Spirit because of all the people praying for me.

rem:  Powerful. (and encouraging to this mother) Father has brought you into a fulfilled and very different life. You said you told your wife (then fellow student) “not to even get close to [you.]” Clearly she didn’t heed your warning. How did your relationship develop?

DAVID:  My wife was actually a student of mine; I was her instructor. At that time, I was not planning on staying in Omaha. I was working on moving back to a previous job in England. I feel like God placed Lindsay in my life. We fell for each other and God has kept us together. My life has been better ever since.

rem:  Gotta love when God places people in our lives—for whatever reason. Before we go, I gotta speak to your “Humorous Life Lessons.” (Making people laugh and smile seems to be one of my gifts.) I read your “Skullnelly” bit—love it! What is your favorite “Humorous Life Lesson?”

DAVID:  You have to read my story Crappy Day in the Library I really put myself out there in that one. (Here is the link) http://dilemmamike.com/2018/01/22/crappy-library-day/

rem:  OH! MY! GOODNESS! I was rolling on the floor! Poor kid!! One more question for ya—do you think you’ll write another book? Why or why not? BONUS: Fiction or non?

DAVID:  My goal is to take all of the Humorous Life Lessons and compile them into a smaller book than my first. It seems like I write best when it is about myself, so non-fiction.

rem:  Sign me up for that one!! Anything you’d like to add?

DAVID:  “Get off your ask.” I heard someone say this at a conference. It means when you need help, reach out to someone. So many people helped me along the process of writing that I couldn’t have done it without them. Find a community and work together. It’s hard to make it on your own and why would you want to. You will be surprised to find out how many people out there are willing to lend a hand.

rem:  I have and am experiencing this in my life, both in the writing community, and in my recovery (from surgery.) David, thank you so much for chatting with us at my little nest today!



“One of the things I learned from this whole experience was that no matter what adversity I faced, I knew that I could make it. Not on my own strength or will, but by the grace of God. It was He who’d carried me through this journey.”











“1 Peter 2:9 (NLT) …For he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light.

You do not have to be defined by your past, you have been forgiven and can have a new identity in Christ.

“If you have an incarcerated friend or family member or know someone who is struggling with the guilt and shame from their past, I will send a copy of Dishonor to them. Contact me through social media.



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Welcome to THE PATRIOT BRIDE Blitz with JustRead Publicity Tours.


Title: The Patriot Bride
Collection: Daughters of the Mayflower, Book 4
Author: Kimberley Woodhouse
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Release Date: August 1, 2018
Genre: Historical Romance


Faith Jackson and Matthew Weber are both working covertly to aid the Patriot cause. But will they be willing to sacrifice all for their fledgling country?

A brand new series for fans of all things related to history, romance, adventure, faith, and family trees.

Spies Work Together for the Patriot Cause

Faith Jackson is a wealthy widow, friend of George Washington, and staunch supporter of the Patriot cause. Matthew Weber is friends with both Ben Franklin and his son William, who increasingly differ in their political views; and Matthew finds himself privy to information on both sides of the conflict. When a message needs to get to a spy among the Loyalists, Faith bravely steps up and in turn meets Matthew Weber. Suddenly she believes she could love again. But someone else has his eye on the Faith she portrays in elite social circles. What will Matthew and Faith have to sacrifice for the sake of their fledgling country?

Join the adventure as the Daughters of the Mayflower series continues with The Patriot Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse.



Goodreads | Amazon | iTunes | Christian Book | Book Depository | Books-A-Million!



Kimberley Woodhouse is an award-winning and bestselling author of more than fifteen fiction and nonfiction books. A popular speaker and teacher, she’s shared her theme of “Joy Through Trials” with more than half a million people across the country at more than 2,000 events. Kim and her incredible husband of twenty-five-plus years have two adult children. She’s passionate about music and Bible study and loves the gift of story.


CONNECT WITH KIM: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram




Kimberley have graciously offered (1) Winner a wonderful gift basket filled with goodies from Mount Vernon, a gift card and many more! Of course, it also includes a copy of the book!




Giveaway will begin at midnight August 27, 2018 and last through 11:59 PM EST on September 3, 2018. Winner will be notified within a week of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. Open to US mailing addresses only. For our giveaway rules and policy, click HERE.


Be sure to stop at a stop each day for extra entries!

For the full tour schedule, click on either of the launch pages below.

Launch Post @JustReadTours

Launch Post @JustCommonly

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Twelve years ago, Claire Porter thought her entire life was over when she learned that her husband, Dave, was having an affair with a young college student. Following their divorce, Claire started over, including changing back to her maiden name of Conway.

Claire now feels pretty good about her accomplishments. She has raised a wonderful son, Dakota; enjoys her work; and finally has a new love. When Dakota informs her that he is engaged, she looks forward to meeting his fiancée, even as she wonders if 31-year-old Sara Jennings is too old for her “little” six-foot-plus boy.

Secrets never stay buried long, and only God can help Claire find forgiveness when betrayal comes back to haunt her.



Best-selling novelist Robin Lee Hatcher, author of more than 75 books, is known for her heartwarming and emotionally charged stories of faith, courage, and love. Robin is an eleven-time finalist and two-time winner of the prestigious RITA® Award. In addition to the RITA and many other awards, she is the recipient of Lifetime Achievement Awards from both Romance Writers of America® and American Christian Fiction Writers, When not writing, she enjoys being with her family, spending time in the beautiful Idaho outdoors, Bible art journaling, reading books that make her cry, watching romantic movies, and decorative planning. A mother and grandmother, Robin and her husband make their home on the outskirts of Boise, sharing it with a demanding Papillon puppy named Boo and a persnickety tuxedo cat named Pinky.

Robin is active on her Facebook Author Page where she loves to interact with readers. Please join her there: http://www.facebook.com/robinleehatcher

For more information, please visit her website at https://www.robinleehatcher.com



Forgiveness is such a powerful tool against the enemy. And yet it eludes so many of us for so many reasons.

Ms. Hatcher has created a story of deep hurt and betrayal, setting the stage for every excuse not forgive.


Claire is a blissfully married woman and mother, until her world turns upside down, forcing her into a role she never wanted—single mother. Struggling single mother. For years, she harbors, and nurtures, her anger and loathing, feeling utterly justified.


But God.


As she comes to know God, and embraces her new faith, Claire still can’t grasp forgiveness. As her new faith blossoms, and forgiveness begins to nudge her bruised and battered heart, she begins to know the freedom forgiveness births.

I felt Claire’s deep hurt, the betrayal, and I screamed at her to trust God with her heart and her dreams. To stop torturing herself with her anger, no matter how justified.


Ms. Hatcher tells a heartbreaking and poignant story of betrayal and unforgiveness, and the ultimate freedom—the beauty of forgiveness.






I purchased this book on Amazon. I offer my review of my own free will, and the opinions expressed in my review are my own honest thoughts and reaction to this book.



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It appears we have a miscommunication. Which is to say, ain’t no interview today!


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Something sinuous in the water brushed against Paige’s knee. She jerked her leg away.

What was that? She rose to a sitting position, groped around with her left hand. 

Fine wisps wound themselves around her fingers. 


She yanked backward, but the tendrils clung. Something solid bumped her wrist. 

Paige gasped. With one frantic motion she shook her arm free, grabbed the side of the hot tub, and heaved herself out.

Paige Williams slips into her hot tub in the blackness of night—and finds herself face to face with death.

Alone, terrified, fleeing a dark past, Paige must make an unthinkable choice.

In Violet Dawn, hurtling events and richly drawn characters collide in a breathless story of murder, the need to belong, and faith’s first glimmer. One woman’s secrets unleash an entire town’s pursuit, and the truth proves as elusive as the killer in their midst.




Brandilyn Collins is an award-winning and best-selling novelist known for her trademarked Seatbelt Suspense®–fast-paced, character-driven suspense with myriad twists and an interwoven thread of faith. She also writes insightful contemporary novels with rich characters. She is often blamed for keeping her readers up at night, as they “just have to see what happens next.”

In nonfiction, Brandilyn is known for her distinctive book on fiction-writing techniques, Getting Into Character: Seven Secrets a Novelist Can Learn From Actors (John Wiley & Sons). Writers Digest Magazine named Getting Into Character one of the top books on writing of 2002.

You can read excerpts from all Brandilyn’s books at her Web site: http://www.brandilyncollins.com. That’s also a good place to subscribe to her free newsletter, Sneak Pique, so you can be among the first to know about her latest releases.




Seatbelt Suspense indeed!! Strap on your belt and strap it on tight! This book grabs you quick and does not let go.

Paige’s anxiety leaps off the page with depth and reality, her instinct for flight over fight pounding and loud. Her history whispers into a screeching terror, even before explanation is offered. Tangents pierce the whole, completing rather than deflating the story.

I immediately felt a protective instinct for Paige, her melancholy alluding to a deep sorrow. Ms. Collins introduced each new key player with their own complications, building the tension in the already taut story. I love that her chapters sometimes jump to a different facet of the story—though I must admit it threw me at first.

But like a well-oiled machine, each chapter and facet, each story thread comes together to create a jagged puzzle, that once complete makes a stunning picture.








I purchased this book on Amazon. I offer my review of my own free will, and the opinions expressed in my review are my own honest thoughts and reaction to this book.




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Come to Me, all who are weary, and I will give you rest.  – Matthew 11:28


It seems I’m perpetually tired, and there are several reasons for that. For so long I believed if I wanted a thing done, I had to do it (not out of control, but out of fear someone would think me stupid or incompetent for asking for help, let alone delegating!)  Add to that the crippling depression I didn’t even know I suffered. Soul deep, heart deep.


Even after I was free from the depression, I still felt compelled to do.it.all. To prove I could. To prove my worth. It was exhausting.


Enter my diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The irony of RA, for me at least, is that while I do not believe Father “put this on me” to teach me a lesson, I do fully believe it is the result of what is tantamount to abuse—self-abuse, by way of pushing myself beyond limits. By not allowing myself any down time. By not letting myself rest.


On the seventh day, God rested.


Was He tired? No. Did He sleep? No. He neither slumbers nor sleeps.  Why then, did He rest?


He set the example for us. Rest, He says.


But do we? Do we truly rest? In Him? Do we seek Him, do we allow ourselves to slow down, to cease striving? Going? Doing? Too often we do not.


Come to me, He says. Be still, He says. Be still and know that I am God.  – Psalm 46:10


More than physical rest, He desires for us a rest in our soul, in our spirit. Peace that passes understanding. Assurance that He is, in fact, working all things for our good. (Romans 8:28)


Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.  – Matthew 11:28 – 30


Rest in Him. Lean on Him. Be still, and hear His still, small voice. Feel His breath upon your spirit, His whisper in your heart.


Rest, and be refreshed. Rest and be restored. Rest, and know that you are His.



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“If the golden rule of writing is to do unto other writers as you would have them do unto you, that’s a pretty easy assignment.  It could be summed up thusly: good will, good wishes, and a good plug.”

“Walk a mile in your character’s shoes.  If he or she has a penchant for gambling, spend a day at a casino. If they have a green thumb, get your fingers dirty in the garden or hang out at a nursery.  If they are a beach bum, I can think of worse things than sipping piña coladas in a hammock for the sake of research.”


rem:  Hullo Gary, and welcome to The Nest. Tell us three things about yourself that no one knows.

GARY:  1. I’m a decent cook as long as it’s five ingredients or less.

  1. I’ve seen every episode of Catfish.
  2. My first real job training was for the IRS. Don’t hate me.

rem:  Cooking is good; Catfish I only know as something to cook… And IRS, what a fabulous source for story ideas and plotlines!!!



rem:  Cookout—steaks or burgers?

GARY:  If I’ll be eating it outside, burgers.

rem:  Of course! Coke or Pepsi?

GARY:  Coke, because I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

rem:  Best reason I’ve heard all day! TP: Over or under or monster?

GARY:  Please don’t tell me there are monsters in my bathroom.

rem:  You didn’t hear it from me. Fishing or hunting?

GARY:  Neither.  I can’t even kill a bug without remorse.

rem:  Then who, uh, catches those catfish to fry??? Vacation: beach or mountains?

GARY:  Amusement park.

rem:  Ohhhh yessss!! All the roller coasters!!

rem:  Do you have a favorite Bible verse? And why is it a favorite?

GARY:  Revelation 21:4, about there being no more death nor crying nor pain. Who could ask for more?

rem:  What a glorious time that will be! If you could spend an evening with one person who is currently alive, who would it be and why?

GARY:  Paul McCartney. I have so many questions about so many songs. It would be the most exhausting night of his life.

rem:  I love Paul McCartney! And Wings at the Speed of Sound! What do you think is significant about Christian fiction?  How has being a writer / songwriter / producer impacted your relationship with Christ?

GARY:  That there is a genre dedicated to those who write it and read it testifies to its popularity and power. For other writers who just happen to be Christian, writing for the general market is a way to reach secular readers who might avoid any religious branding. Whichever your calling is, the privilege to be a light to the world through one’s talents is a gift that I’ve come to appreciate more each day.

rem:  Yes! Be a light in the darkness. I fall in the latter of those, and call my genre Faith Fiction. When reading, what makes or breaks a story for you? Your fiction pet peeve?

GARY:  Creative, evocative wordplay draw me in.  What turns me off is when the writer has an obvious agenda that overshadows the story.  Even when I agree, it’s poor writing.

rem:  No kidding! Even in Christian Fiction, some stories are overwhelming with the message—which prompts me to put it down and not pick it back up. Which is more important: plot or characters?

GARY:  I’d say plot.  Even a great character gets boring if the story doesn’t go anywhere.  But many a weak protagonist (Sleeping Beauty, for one) has been saved by a good plot.

rem:  Interesting. And very good point. What are you reading right now?

GARY:  Understanding Show, Don’t Tell (and Really Getting It) by Janice Hardy.  It is absolutely brilliant.

rem:  Nothing so boring as a bleh info dump in the middle of a story. Tell us a little about your creative journey. How did you get started?

GARY:  I grew up in a family where everyone was a musician or an artist, or both.  I was one of the boths, and added a love for writing to the mix. After winning a few art contests, I planned to become a cartoonist. But a career in broadcasting has kept me more focused on the writing and the music.

rem:  You wear a lot of hats—writer, songwriter, and producer. Which came first? Which is dominant?

GARY:  Songwriting definitely came first.  I have a recording of the first song I wrote when I was about ten, a frantic piano tune that would only be at home in a silent movie police chase. Of the three you mentioned, music comes easiest to me, whether playing or composing.

rem:  I miss having a piano, and may be a tad jealous… As a singer and musician, I am fascinated by your eclectic taste in music, and songwriting. What are some of your favorite jingles or parodies you’ve written?

GARY:  I may be proudest of the advertising jingles I did for Polaroid (which tells you how long ago that was!) and a church campaign called “Isn’t It Better Together”.  As for parodies, my favorites are usually the most recent ones I’ve done, such as my overeater’s take on “I Heard It through the Grapevine”, called “I Put It on My Waistline”.  rem: LOL

rem:  You are an “avid analyst” of entertainment. What does that mean and what does it involve?

GARY:  It means I can’t just sit and enjoy movies or music!  I do enjoy them, but I’m also deconstructing every detail to figure out what makes it work or not work.  I’ve learned more from picking up on mistakes than I’ve probably learned from any textbook.  This media junkie can’t get enough of movies and music because it’s a continuing education that makes for a fascinating study.

rem:  Oh.My.Goodness, yes! I tend to do the same thing! What is your role at Southern Writers Magazine?

GARY:  As Creative Director, I designed every page and did much of the editing and some of the writing.  I actually resigned this spring because my broadcasting work had accelerated to the point where I just couldn’t keep up with both, much less tend to my own projects.  Southern Writers is a wonderful publication and I enjoyed being part of its first seven years.

rem:  I sure enjoy the posts there! What is your favorite part of working with authors on the magazine?

GARY:  Over 1000 authors have been in the magazine, and I made lots of friends who I continue to stay in touch with.  Learning from them and experiencing their passion for writing recharges my own.

rem:  I love-love-love the writing community, and the friends I’ve made and continue to make. You have written short stories in anthologies. Where might we find some of your stories, and what is one that stands out in your memory? Why is it significant to you?

GARY:  Most of my short stories were in local anthologies that are out of print, but one called “Family Tree” appears in Stories of Music, Volume Two, which is available on Amazon and includes an audio version. That story is special to me because it’s my true story about a disconnected family which music helped reconnect.

rem:  Oh my! I’mma have to find this and read it! I’m all about family. (and more than a little bit familiar with disconnected / dysfunctional family… ) What do you enjoy most about being a writer / songwriter / producer?

GARY:   I’ve always loved taking disparate things and rearranging them into something new and cohesive.  A good example would be the Oscars Best Picture parody I create every year for the Parody Paradise YouTube channel.  Writing new lyrics within the confines of an existing song (in this case a Best Song nominee) while describing each of that year’s Best Picture nominees in a succinct way, selecting and editing video clips to fit, and attempting humor all at the same time is a huge creative challenge I look forward to every February.

rem:  How fun is that! What other projects are you working on?

GARY:  I voice and produce the radio and TV spots for Christian recording artists on tour.  Right now I’m doing a lot with Mark Lowry and David Phelps, who are always performing somewhere.  I also voice audiobooks on Amazon.  The most fun one so far was the autobiography of Ken Osmond, better known as the infamous Eddie Haskell on Leave It to Beaver.

rem:  At this point I’m tempted to ask if there’s anything you haven’t done… You have a new book coming out.  Tell us a little about it?

GARY:  I have a novel and a collection of short stories in the works, but on the front burner currently is a nonfiction book offering a unique approach to songwriting.  I’ll actually be doing a related presentation soon for the Memphis chapter of ACFW, called “Secrets of Song and Story Structure”.

rem:  Memphis ACFW will enjoy that, for sure. What is YOUR favorite part about songwriting and why do you want to share it? Why should we read it?

GARY:   Having been privileged to dabble in most of the creative arts, I find music the most personally satisfying.  I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t know the thrill of expressing oneself through words and/or music.  I want to help others by giving them a shortcut to connecting with their elusive muse.

rem:  As a singer and musician and dancer and actress and an author, I know that thrill very well. Where can we find you online?

GARY:  My website is www.garyfearon.com, with too much info about me but also some audio and video that I hope is entertaining.

rem:  Anything you’d like to add?

GARY:  Yes!  I’d like to invite everyone to please join my mailing list through the website.  You’ll be the first in line for songwriting secrets and free instructional videos.

rem:  Awesome, Gary, thanks for the invite! On my way there now… Thank you so much for chatting with us at my little nest today!

GARY:  Thanks for the invitation, Robin!  Much continued success to you and to everyone who took the time to read this!



“Where words fail, music speaks.” Hans Christian Anderson









“Whether we hear them from someone else, or live them in our own lives, every day we are witness to countless moments that could be the starting point for the next story or scene we write.”



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Welcome to the official COVER REVEAL blitz for When You Look at Me by Pepper Basham, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours! When You Look At Me is the 2nd book in the Pleasant Gap Romance series and releases in October 2018.



An unexpected mother-to-be

A romance-leery composer

And a forgotten melody from the past that holds the keys to their futures.

When Julia Jenkins’ great aunt dies and leaves her a Victorian mansion with decades of secrets, Julia never expects to unearth a World War 2 espionage mystery. Struggling with her own past since an assault left her pregnant, her future as a solo parent leaves her dreams uncertain. The inheritance from her great aunt gives Julia the ability to take a step back into her future, but also sends her into the discovery of a love story she’d never anticipated. Following her aunt’s cryptic journal, Julia uncovers some oddly written piano music with a musical code she can’t decipher on her own. Not to worry, introverted Englishman and composer, Henry Wright, is thrust on the scene by a pair of homespun matchmakers who know the ‘right’ man for Julia’s wounded heart.

Henry arrives in Pleasant Gap with the task of composing the soundtrack for his best mate’s newest film. The Jenkins’ family’s southern welcome and gregarious personalities set his reticent nature on edge, but he’s inexplicably drawn to his gentle and music-loving hostess, Julia. Uncertain how to build a friendship with the wounded woman, and rather hopeless in communicating well through words, the bond of music becomes a bridge between her uncertainty and his awkwardness.

But her broken past and his families’ expectations build a wall much greater than the cultures that separate them. As they work together to solve a musical mystery from the grave, will an unlikely romance from the past inspire their hearts to trust in a God who’s written the perfect melody for their lives?



Pepper Basham is an award-winning author who writes romance peppered with grace and humor. She currently resides in the lovely mountains of Asheville, NC where she is the mom of 5 great kids, speech-pathologist to about fifty more, lover of chocolate, jazz, and Jesus. Her debut historical novel, The Thorn Bearer, released in May 2015 and has garnered awards such as Reader’s Favorites Award, finalist in the Grace Awards, shortlisted for the Inspy Awards, and a finalist in ACFW’s Carol Awards. Her second historical novel, The Thorn Keeper, released in Feb 2016 and her first contemporary romance, A Twist of Faith, released in April 2016 with a 4 star review from Romantic Times. In December 2016, her third historical in the Penned in Time series, The Thorn Healer – released with a 4 1/2 star review from RT and a Top Picks rating. You can get to know Pepper on her website, http://www.pepperdbasham.com, on Facebook, or over at her group blog, The Writer’s Alley.

CONNECT: website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram














Yay!! Isn’t it pretty?!? Is It October yet??

Available for Preorder this Friday, 17 August.





Enter for your chance to win:

  • print copy of Just the Way You Are (book #1 in the series)
  • a cute ‘Britallachian’ mug – “We go together like tea and biscuits”

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Never pretty enough to please her gorgeous mother, Allie will do anything to gain her approval–even marry a man she doesn’t love. Lt. Walter Novak–fearless in the cockpit but hopeless with women–takes his last furlough at home in California before being shipped overseas. Walt and Allie meet at a wedding and their love of music draws them together, prompting them to begin a correspondence that will change their lives. As letters fly between Walt’s muddy bomber base in England and Allie’s mansion in an orange grove, their friendship binds them together. But can they untangle the secrets, commitments, and expectations that keep them apart?
A Distant Melody is the first book in the WINGS OF GLORY series, which follows the three Novak brothers, B-17 bomber pilots with the US Eighth Air Force stationed in England during World War II.



Sarah Sundin enjoys writing about the drama and romance of the World War II era. She is the author of ten novels, including the The Sea Before Us (February 2018) and the Waves of Freedom series (Through Waters Deep, Anchor in the Storm, and When Tides Turn).

A mother of three, Sundin lives in northern California, works on-call as a hospital pharmacist, and enjoys speaking to community, church, and writers’ groups. Her novels When Tides Turn and Through Waters Deep were both named to Booklist’s 101 Best Romance Novels of the Past 10 Years. Through Waters Deep was a 2016 Carol Award Finalist and won the INSPY Award, and her novella in Where Treetops Glisten was a finalist in the 2015 Carol Awards. In 2011 she received the Writer of the Year Award from the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. Please visit Sarah at http://www.sarahsundin.com, on Facebook at SarahSundinAuthor, and on Twitter at @sarahsundin.




How have I never read a book by this author before?!?!?!? It may be my first, but A Distant Melody certainly won’t be my last read by Ms. Sundin!

This story is filled with all the things I love—genuine characters, plausible scenarios, realistic conflict, and authentic settings and details.

I could hear the tunes, I could feel the rumble of the B-17 engines, I cringed at the swarming ‘flak.’ I ached and yearned with Allie and Walt—and wanted to knock both their noggins! And when it all looked hopeless I cried and… I kept turning the pages til it wasn’t. I wanted to step into the story and smother Allie with motherly hugs. I wanted to sit with Walt, and offer encouragement—I cheered him on so many times.

Ms. Sundin knows her era, her story world, and she knows her people, and she wraps it all together in a story so tender, so touching, I was moved to tears and fictional prayers over and again. I look forward to continuing the series!






I purchased this book on Amazon. I offer my review of my own free will, and the opinions expressed in my review are my own honest thoughts and reaction to this book.


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I felt myself drifting. The cord fraying and wearing thin. My connection growing distant and weak.


The name of Sunday’s feature, Front Porch Fellowship, came about… “Because sometimes you can’t make it to church. Or, what the world commonly thinks of as church.”




Without a car, and without a way to get to “church,” Father met me where I’m at—at home—and we have church, just the two of us. And to the name of this feature, many times, it takes place, well, on the front porch.


And, like so many things in life, I began taking it for granted. After all, I’m having “church” pretty much anytime. But anytime so easily slips into sometimes, which fades to once in a while…


And I was feeling empty.


I simply told Father I missed Him.


And an amazing thing happened. Refreshing washed over me. His presence became tangible to me once again. His strength and joy and purpose has and is rising up in me.


He has promised,


“I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5


He didn’t leave me. He didn’t abandon me. He didn’t go do something else until I needed Him again. He has been right here with me, right by my side all along. I had only to call out to Him.


And He has wrapped His loving arms around me, drawing me close, back to intimacy I so crave. All because of a simple prayer.



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