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“The highly anticipated second installment of the Bloodline Trilogy explores the boundaries of faith and family and what happens when both are put to the test.” (taken from the back cover blurb.)

Keelyn Samuels thought the harrowing experience was behind her. Thought she could go on with her life, have a normal life, even. Until a man who called himself Lucent sits on the diner stool next to her. A man who knows too much about her. And about that day.

That day was the day her mother had died. The day her step-father had killed her mother. Only Keelyn and her half-sister, Raven, survived the hostage ordeal. Not only was their mother dead, but their siblings were too. Mentally ill, Keelyn’s stepfather, Raven’s father, was carrying out orders, orders from a hallucination he called Lucent.


Now, Keelyn and SWAT team member Lee Watson were engaged, anticipating their happy life together. But the evil that had stalked and tormented Keelyn’s stepfather has resurfaced, in the flesh, taking vengeance on all who were involved on that day.


As layer compounds upon layer, and twists turn and turn again, the story becomes more complex, the killer more mysterious. Every new clue and discovery leads to more layers of mystery. What is killing these victims who are dying at seeming random intervals? What poison is the killer using? Can Keelyn and Lee find Raven before she becomes a victim? Or is she the one poisoning the victims? Will Lucent get to Keelyn and Lee before they can get to him?



Ms. Redwood has once again spun an intricate tale, with threads crossing threads. Her characters are vivid and real, my heart pounding with theirs, as they find themselves in one dead-end trail after another. I puzzled as they did over clues that didn’t seem to add up. And when the truth is discovered, I breathed a sigh of relief as surely as they did.


Thoroughly engrossed in this story, I look forward to the third in this series.




JORDYN REDWOOD is a nurse by day, novelist by night. She has specialized in critical care and emergency nursing for nearly two decades. As a self-professed medical nerd, she reads medical textbooks for fun. This led to the creation of Redwood’s Medical Edge– a blog devoted to helping authors write medically accurate fiction. Jordyn loves to weave medical mystery into her story lines and see how her characters navigate through the chaos she creates.


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Welcome to the Cover Release Party for Robin E. Mason’s second women’s and family fiction story, Clara Bess, set to release 30 November 2015. Robin’s debut novel, Tessa, arrived in March 2014 and has been met with fantastic reviews.


A few notes of praise for Tessa:




This is such an amazing read because there are so many twists to the plot. The characters are very well thought out and brought to life. I don’t want to give away too much information, but I would like to say, get ready. Robin E. Mason is a wonderful author and I look forward to reading more from her. If you are looking for a book that is open and shut, this is not it. If you are, however, looking for a book that will leave you on the edge of your seat asking how, when, why, and where, this book is for you! Grab a copy today! – Alisha Cagle, Author


Even the prologue is a twist! Be ready for a spell binding book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You simply can’t wait to turn the page (or click the next page). Plots within plots within plots. I simply don’t know how she could keep up with it all! – Dede Stockton, Author


You won’t be able to put it down. Indeed, a story that beautifully captures the brilliance of women and the mayhem of family. A must read. – Heather Burch


This story has twists and turns and heartaches and mystery and hope and love and anger and twists and turns and well… I loved how the story keeps you wondering: Who the heck? What in the world? And, Oh, dear! It is one of the least predictable books I have ever read. I enjoyed laughing and I enjoyed crying. I am not going to tell you anymore about the plot or the characters because you’ll simply have to read it yourself. – Leslie Hoyt



Back cover blurb for Clara Bess:

On the day of her 50th birthday, Clara Bess Caldwell was not basking in the joy of a blissful Christmas Day winding down. She was not at home with her family, enjoying eggnog or coffee by a fireplace, nor was she checking a goose roasting in the oven.

Clara Bess was at her mother’s house, going through her personal effects, something she had put off for several weeks. Her children, her husband, her siblings, had all urged her to wait another day. To not put herself through this ordeal on Christmas Day.

“But it was her birthday, too.” Clara Bess reminded them.

But Clara Bess wasn’t at all prepared for what she unearthed at the bottom of her mother’s keepsake box. Not in with legal papers, not in her own baby book, not in the safe even. Nor was she prepared for the discovery of her unsavory heritage.

Clara Bess read, with shock and no small degree of confusion, the line on her birth certificate where her mother’s name should be. It did not read Lily Isabella Mayes.


Clara Bess rode waves of confusion for several weeks, unsure what to make of the erroneous information. Afraid it could be true, she couldn’t bring herself to go to the courthouse, or the hospital, to have it corrected. Little things pinged in her memory things that pointed to the unbelievable possibility.

Clara Bess was adopted.

Where, then, were the adoption papers?


This book has many of the same things enjoyed in book one – historical details, deep emotions, adventure, humor.

So without further ado, we introduce Clara Bess – available 30 November 2015 on Amazon for Kindle, and CreateSpace.

So without further ado, HERE IS THE COVER, may I have a drum roll please:


clara bess - cover reveal - the cover


Launch events will be on 30 November, both online at https://www.facebook.com/events/727075850756986/

and live at Stomping Grounds Coffee House and Wine Bar, 208 Trade Street, Greer, SC


Hope to see you at one event or both!


Leave a comment for your chance to win a signed copy of Clara Bess, which will be sent to the winners the first week of December!


What’s one thing you like about this cover? Or, if you read Tessa, what was one thing you enjoyed about Robin’s debut?


ME - 041115 - cropped


“I once said I should write down all the story ideas in my head so someone could write them someday. I had no idea at the time that someone was me!


Ms. Mason has been writing since 1995, and began working in earnest on her debut novel, Tessa in 2013. Meanwhile, she cranked out a few dozen poems, and made countless notes for story ideas. Ms. Mason lived with depression for many years, and the inherent feelings of worthlessness and invisibility; she didn’t want to be who she was and struggled with her own identity for many years. Her characters face many of these same demons.


Ms. Mason has lived in the Upstate of South Carolina since 1988. She lived in Colorado for sixteen years, during which time she: went to high school, got married, had babies, got divorced and went to college. Her “babies” are now grown, two have babies of their own. She currently lives alone, with her five cats.
Ms. Mason writes Christian-worldview–in other words, there’s no salvation message, but there are plenty of characters who know the Lord and share His perspective with those who are struggling.


Clara Bess is the sequel to Tessa and the second book in the Unsavory Heritage Series, and will launch next month, with the third book in the series, Cissy, will be available in 2016. Ms. Mason also has several poems included in an anthology, Where Dreams and Visions Live (Anthologies of the Heart Book 1) by Mary Blowers, as well as a short story Sarafina’s Light, also in an anthology, Blood Moon, compiled by Mary Blowers.








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A ten-year-old murder. Two FBI agents – old friends. And one of them the son of the murdered woman. Why has the crime resurfaced after a decade? With the wrong man convicted of the crime, the killer is running free. Biding time.


After his mother’s murder, Jordan Bening took off and disappeared. He knows it’s time to face his past, and make things right.

Jordan’s childhood friend, McKenna Moore hasn’t forgiven him for his disappearance. And she can’t forgive herself for her testimony at the trial; testimony that put her uncle in prison for the crime.


As mysterious clues mount, and Jordan and McKenna’s paths continue to criss-cross, their friendship begins to revive. And as they hunt for the truth, the killer is hunting for them.


Ms. Trautmiller tells a chilling story, building suspense with every page. With believable characters, emotions at full tilt and every which way – and denied – I felt their fear and terror as the killer teased and tormented, I felt the attraction between them, even as they fought against it. I chilled as the killer got closer and yet grew more elusive. And I look forward to reading the rest of this series.


**This book is part of a series. Reading the books in order will heighten your enjoyment of the characters within each story.**




RACHEL TRAUTMILLER strives to write novels filled with murder, mayhem and romance that leave her readers wanting more incredible twists and turns. Side note: A nightlight may be required. Some bleary-eyed, early mornings have been known to occur.

When she’s not riveting readers with the chaotic mess of her character’s lives, she can be found poolside with her husband and extremely cute toddler, a dog and one fat cat. She enjoys football, reading, finger painting with her daughter and discussing the NFL draft with her husband. Loves anything to do with the FBI, law enforcement and the military, spending time with friends and family. And interacting with her readers






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Family secrets are swept under the rug, hushed. What goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.


But Miri Brayden can no longer hide the secret in her house any more than she can escape the madness mounting in her guardian, her older brother Roland. As he descends further into his lunacy, his anger rises. And Miri is in danger.


But she can’t leave, it’s just not done. Not in the year 1795, no matter how she might wish her escape; it’s a man’s world.


A marriage would remove her from her brother’s care – and outbursts – but she is not at all interested in the match Roland has arranged for her. But if Miri could learn a trade, she could disentangle herself from Roland’s grip. And the unwelcome marriage proposal.


Then a vagabond turns up at the back door of the rectory and Miri takes it upon herself to minister to his needs – secretly. Starving and suffering a “severe cough, fever, and nausea,” Ethan Goodwin was a friend of Miri’s younger brother, Will. Ethan was also an “opium addict, philanderer, liar, cheater, and drunkard.”


Does Roland’s madness land him in the asylum? Will Miri end up there with him or in the poorhouse? What of Ethan? What of the crime he believes he committed? Or will they work their way through the web of lies and tangled deceit to the truth. And God’s love.



A Heart Deceived gripped me from the beginning, with twists and unexpected turns on every page. With her story set in the Georgian Era, Ms. Griep has created a well-woven gothic world, dark and ominous, Roland’s madness sinister even. Gritty and vivid, his outbursts are authentic and believable, Miri’s reactions – and helplessness – true to the era. I cringed with her as Roland lashed out, time and again. I longed for her escape as surely as did she. My heart thudded as Miri and Ethan’s attraction grew, my heart longing for the happy resolution as surely as theirs did.

As historical fiction is my favorite genre, I enjoyed Ms. Griep’s use of period accurate language, and detail.


I highly recommend this book, and look forward to reading all of Ms. Griep’s books.





A Pen and Ink Fanatic

Dare I be so bold as to call myself an author? Being that I’m one of those freaks who attended poetry workshops instead of summer camp during my formative years, yes, I will. While other teens busied themselves throwing parties when their parents weren’t home, I was the nerd holed up in my room with pen and paper.

An Anti-Establishment Rabblerouser

I am one of those library-card wielding, mini-van driving, let’s-take-a-jaunt-to-the-grocery-store and call it a field trip kind of homeschoolers. But allow me this disclaimer: I don’t wear denim jumpers, and I farm out anything related to science or math. Bonus disclaimer: The last of my nestlings has flown the homeschooling nest, but I continue to tutor writing and history at a local high school homeschool co-op. You can read some of my views on homeschooling at:

A Princess

No, I’m not currently on medication for delusions of grandeur. I am a daughter of a King. Seriously. I take the Bible as inspired truth and that’s what it says (Romans 8:16, 17). If you’d like to find out more about this, click here.

A Boxer Lover

I’m not talking Fruit of the Loom vs. Hanes. I’m talking stubby-tailed, fuzzy muzzled, bundles of face-licking love. As the great philosopher Groucho Marx once said, “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”

An Anglophile

What’s the deal with me and Great Britain? Beats me. I’m as passionate about anything English as I am about chocolate and java. Oddly enough, I prefer Bronte over Austen, and if you’d like to debate the qualities of Typhoo versus PG Tips, feel free to e-mail me.



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BOOK REVIEW – KEPT by SALLY BRADLEY                                  




According to Merriam-Webster, http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/keep,

Keep verb \ˈkēp\ 1. to continue in a specified state, condition, or position; 2. to cause (someone or something) to continue in a specified state, condition, or position


With the many connotations, to keep, or to be kept can be a good thing – or a bad thing. Merriam-Webster goes on to define keep:

preserve, maintain as: a – to watch over and defend, keep us from harm; b to take care of; c –  to continue to maintain, keep watch; d – to cause to remain in a given place, situation, or condition, keep him waiting; e – to have or maintain in an established position or relationship, keep a mistress…


Miska Tomlinson was a kept woman. And it wasn’t pretty. She had pretty things, but they came with a price.

Miska had no godly examples in her life, least of all how a godly man honors a woman. Her history had taught her that men use women; she played the game and played it well. But still, she couldn’t win.

But God had a plan for Miska. When a new neighbor shows her the love of Christ, it turns her world upside down. Untrusting, Miska returns to what she’s always known – that men are undependable. But as her world crashes down around her, who is the one who stands by her through it all? Who is her friend when everyone else has turned on her?

Is God’s love deep enough, patient enough to reach Miska? Is the man of God, determined enough – and dedicated to his faith in God – to continue to reach out to her? Can Miska ever truly grasp the love he wants to share with her, the love of God?

Or is it too late when she realizes her attraction to him? Has she ruined herself for this man? And for God?



Ms. Bradley builds tension after tension in this heart wrenching story. I found myself wanting to step into the pages and be a friend to Miska, to join in with her neighbors who shared the love of God. I cried with her when she stumbled back into old patterns, I rejoiced with her as she tentatively reached out to try new things. Real and genuine characters made the story authentic and believable. Poignant emotions the reader will relate to makes this story a page-turner, and I look forward to more by this author.




SALLY BRADLEY has worked for two publishers, writing sales and marketing materials, sorting through the slush pile, and proofreading and editing fiction. She has a BA in English and a love for perfecting novels, whether it’s her work or the work of others.

A judge in fiction-writing contests, Sally is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, The Christian PEN, and the Christian Editor Network. In 2000, she left the working world to have her first child. She now runs Bradley Writing and Editing Services from her home outside Kansas City. A mother of three, Sally is married to a pastor who moonlights as a small-town cop. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, doing laundry, and rooting on her favorite Chicago sports team of the season.

You can find Sally at Sally Bradley, Writer on Facebook.


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“I chose the day I would die. My husband’s deep brown eyes glowed as he handed me the cocoa. “Maybe you’ll sleep better tonight, Rosey.”

I was tired of the charade between us. I never wanted to smile at his dinner parties again. Never wanted to beg him for the children he wouldn’t give me. I’d never again clean up his clothes, covered in moonshine vomit.  I gulped the foaming, lukewarm liquid, a smile on my face.  And that was the last time Paul Campbell would ever see me smile.” [excerpted from Miranda Warning.]


With a beginning like that, you know it’s going to be a gripping story. And Miranda Warning does not disappoint.


Tess Spencer is intrepid. And has an insatiable need to know. And a memory that recalls events and conversations like replay on the DVR; nothing gets past her. And, she has an independent streak that gets her in trouble.


When Tess’s elderly friend, Miranda, receives a threatening note, Tess knows she has to find out who sent it. Then Miranda tells her whose handwriting it is. Only problem is, the handwriting belongs to a woman who has been dead for forty years. Tess is more determined than ever to get to the bottom of the mysterious note.


But the more she digs, the more she unearths, more mystery and more pieces that don’t add up. And not only is her friend Miranda in danger, but Tess soon realizes, she is too.


Ms. Gilbert has woven such a tale of intrigue, with one loop overlapping another. Life is not simple and there are no easy answers; Ms. Gilbert’s story isn’t either. Her characters are complex and real, emotions raw and genuine, interactions believable and authentic. I could feel palpable tension as Tess’s husband grew more concerned with her snooping activity, felt the weight when he brought out his arsenal to protect his bride. I snickered at the banter between them, and amongst other characters. I felt the fear mounting as Tess grew closer and closer to the answer, and when it looked for sure she had gone too far.


This novel is written from a Christian worldview.




HEATHER DAY GILBERT writes novels that capture life in all its messy, bittersweet, hope-filled glory. Her debut novel, God’s Daughter, is an Amazon Norse bestseller. Miranda Warning and Trial by Twelve are bestselling contemporary mysteries in her A Murder in the Mountains series. Her Indie Publishing Handbook: Four Key Elements for the Self-Publisher shares focused advice on four key steps in the indie publication process. You can find Heather at her website, heatherdaygilbert.com. She is also active on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.



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I want to thank everyone who participated, viewed, and especially commented on the Cover Reveal Party post last week. The lovely Pepper Basham has announced the winners

on her Facebook page,https://www.facebook.com/Pepper-D-Basham-104179697000/?hc_location=ufi




Says Pepper, Thanks everyone for participating in the Cover Reveal for my second book, The Thorn Keeper. Below is a list of winners from the party. If you see your name, please email me at pepperbasham@yahoo.com. I hope to send out digital ARC copies during the week of Nov 16th in anticipation of the February release!! YAY!

Karen Hadley
Kathleen Dinley
Terrill Rosado
Caryl Kane

Congratulations to the WINNERS!!!

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