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Book: Every Star in the Sky

Author: Sara Davison

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release date: March 2, 2022


She is willing to testify against her trafficker. If she can stay alive that long.

“You’re safe here, Starr.”

How many times has Detective Cole Blacksky said that to her since helping her escape the life she’d been forced into eight years earlier?

Starr desperately wants to believe him, but she knows Brady Erickson, her former captor, too well. Although Cole has promised her protective custody on his family’s remote ranch, no place on earth is safe enough. Brady will stop at nothing to permanently silence her before she ever reaches the witness stand.

And he is powerful enough to do it.

If Starr wants to help Brady’s other victims, she has no choice but to put herself in God’s hands. And Cole’s. But the longer she and Cole stay hidden, the more her life is at risk.

And her heart.

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Headshot-Sara-Davison-2021-final-768x676Sara Davison is the author of four romantic suspense series—The Seven Trilogy, The Night Guardians, The Rose Tattoo Trilogy, and Two Sparrows for a Penny, as well as the standalone, The Watcher. A finalist for more than a dozen national writing awards, she is a Word, Cascade, and Carol Award winner. She currently resides in Ontario with her husband Michael and their three mostly grown kids. Like every good Canadian, she loves coffee, hockey, poutine, and apologizing for no particular reason. Get to know Sara better at www.saradavison.org and @sarajdavison.


A few years ago, I attended a women’s conference in the Canadian capital city of Ottawa. The theme of the conference was human trafficking, which had always seemed to me something that happened in other countries of the world. The speaker informed us that, in fact, sex trafficking is very much an issue in Canada. In fact, she went on to say that if we were staying in a hotel that night, she could pretty much guarantee that somewhere in the building a young girl would be trafficked against her will while we slept peacefully in our beds.

That fact—and the way my subsequent research has borne up that truth—shocked, horrified, and deeply impacted me. And so, Every Star in the Sky was born. This romantic suspense novel puts a face and name and story to the scourge of human trafficking. While the fictional tale of one woman’s experiences, it represents the reality of countless women and shows the devastating toll this evil takes, not only on those in captivity, but on those who love them and desire to see them restored to freedom and eventually physical, mental, and emotional healing.

Every Star in the Sky is a love story. Not only between a woman rescued from trafficking and the man who risked everything to save her, but between God and every human being created in his image victimized by this unspeakable practice. The theme of this series, which I hope and pray comes across clearly to every reader, is that we are never alone. God sees what we are going through. He never leaves or forsakes us. He knows the name of every star in the sky, and he knows us deeply and intimately.

As the main character in the story reflects: “And if you know every star by name, you must know every one of us by name.” When no one around her, not even friends like Ruby, knew her real name, she had clung to the truth that God knew it, that it was engraved on the palm of his hand. Without that knowledge, she would have been afraid her name might be lost, since she was so determined not to let her true one slip out to Brady that even in her own mind she had become Starr. But God had kept her name in trust for her until Cole freed her, and now God had given it to her again. She hadn’t planned to tell it to Cole tonight, but something had nudged her to. Had assured her it was safe. That he was safe.

While the problem of human trafficking may seem overwhelming, prayer is our most powerful weapon against the forces of darkness. Pray for all those held in captivity, that they would experience God’s love and presence with them, that they would find freedom, and that all who participate in this evil would one day be brought to justice.


I so appreciate Christian authors who are willing to write about the ugly side of life. Who show that bad things do, in fact, happen to good people. And that it is only the grace of Father God that sustains them (us) and sees them through. Ms. Davison reminds the reader that slavery is not limited to plantations in the Sough (of the U.S.) nor to a couple of hundred years. Rather, slavery has many forms, has existed from the beginning of time, and continues to the present day.

The author not only braves that front, but she offers the reader a positive means to help—to pray, even if we cannot do something tangible.

So often I think we forget that our Bible heroes were men and women just like us. We tend to relegate them to mere historical figures, who no longer walk among us. But Starr was very much a ‘Daniel in the lion’s den,’ looking to God for her rescue. Trusting that He would make a way of escape. With faith so strong she was able to encourage the other girls, to comfort them.

Trauma leaves scars, though, no matter how much its victim knows and trusts God to rescue. [SPOILER]

I’ve read stories where one of the characters is a “Jesus figure.” I don’t mean someone with a Jesus complex, but one who lives the love of Christ, whose life touches others with their actions. Usually that person is a believer ministering to one who is not. Ms. Davison, however, flips that; it is Cole who demonstrates Christ’s love. Starr’s faith is strong but she is wounded.

Cole knew the Bible early in life, but his faith waned, nearly completely petered out. Yet, he is the one God manifests His love through, ministering to both Starr and himself.

Ms. Davison writes such taut stories, such vile topics. Such profound truth. Her books are always page turners, urging the reader on to the end, nudging the reader to pray—if not for fictional characters, for the very real people trapped in very real circumstances.



I received a complimentary copy of this book but was under no obligation to read it or to post a review. I offer my review of my own free will. The opinions expressed in my review are my honest thoughts and reaction to this book.

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Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for Inheritance of Secrets by Robin Patchen, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!



Title: Inheritance of Secrets

Series: Coventry Saga #6

Author: Robin Patchen

Publisher: JDO Publishing

Release Date: April 19, 2022

Genre: Christian romantic suspense


From a USA Today bestselling author comes the latest in the edge-of-your-seat Christian romantic suspense series that will keep you reading all night long.


“I didn’t do right by your mother. Or by you. Find her and do what I never had the courage to do.”

Her father’s deathbed confession changed everything for Aspen Kincaid. The mystery of her mother’s disappearance was unsolvable, or so she’d believed.

It seemed her dad had lied to her all her life.

After inheriting a house in New Hampshire—a house Aspen hadn’t known her father owned—she travels thousands of miles, desperate to fulfill his dying wish. But some residents of Coventry don’t want Jane Kincaid’s daughter digging into things they think should remain buried forever.

Renovating the secluded old house on the mountain should be the next step in Garrett McCarthy’s contracting career, but Aspen’s arrival in town stirs up old animosities in Coventry that he’d known nothing about. All he wants is to complete the job, hoping it’ll open doors to new opportunities. But when he’s asked to keep an eye on Aspen’s activities, he feels he can’t refuse. How can he honor his beautiful, vulnerable client and remain loyal to the people who need his help?

Join Aspen and Garrett as they attempt to solve a thirty-year-old mystery—without becoming its latest victims.

Page-turning suspense, heartwarming romance, and a plot-twisting mystery that’ll keep you guessing until the very end. Preorder Inheritance of Secrets today.


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Robin-Patchen-1Robin Patchen is a USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of Christian romantic suspense. She grew up in a small town in New Hampshire, the setting of her Nutfield and Coventry Saga books, and then headed to Boston to earn a journalism degree. Working in marketing and public relations, she discovered how much she loathed the nine-to-five ball and chain. After relocating to the Southwest, she started writing her first novel while she homeschooled her three children. The novel was dreadful, but her passion for storytelling didn’t wane. Thankfully, as her children grew, so did her writing ability. Now that her kids are adults, she has more time to play with the lives of fictional heroes and heroines, wreaking havoc and working magic to give her characters happy endings. When she’s not writing, she’s editing or reading, proving that most of her life revolves around the twenty-six letters of the alphabet. Visit https://robinpatchen.com/subscribe to receive a free book and stay informed about Robin’s latest projects.

CONNECT WITH ROBIN: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



Oh what tangled webs we weave…

Secrets never stay buried. They follow you as a shadow, and they will eventually, in some way, somehow, be revealed.

Aspen’s father had secrets. He thought he was doing the right thing keeping certain sordid details from his daughter. Ms. Patchen braves the difficult topic of mental illness and the far-reaching and long-lasting effects it can have and the swath of destruction it can leave in its wake. [SPOILER]

Aspen walks in blindly to ghosts of such destruction. Wanting nothing more than to honor her father’s last request, she forges ahead in her task, intent on selling the house and leaving for a warm climate.

But her search becomes convoluted and dangerous [SPOILER.]

Aspen’s heart, though, is playing the most dangerous game of all—falling for the hot contractor hired to renovate the house.

Garrett, too, is falling into the danger zone, and tasks himself with keeping her safe.

This is my second Coventry Saga book, and I’ve grown to think of the characters as friends. I appreciate the circle of friends and sense of community the author has established throughout the series. No quaint little town, though; Coventry has more than its share of mysteries—and dead bodies. Ms. Patchen ratchets up the suspense with each page, hurtling the reader on a tempestuous journey.



I received a complimentary copy of this book, but was under no obligation to read the book or to post a review. I offer my review of my own free will. The opinions expressed in my review are my honest thoughts and reaction to this book.



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Giveaway is subject to the policies found here.


Follow along at JustRead Tours for a full list of stops!


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