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Short n sweet today on account of I’M EXHAUSTED.  The adage “follow your dreams” sometimes is mistaken for a wave of a magic wand the released fairy dust into the air, and voilá, there’s your dream come true.


No, your dreams are there because God put them there.




He also puts in us the ability to achieve those dreams. The gifts, talents, and abilities. The mistake is in thinking it’s easy. And for too many, when we realize the hard work it takes, we tend to try shortcuts and that never works. Not in the long run.


But to truly achieve our dreams, and God’s purpose for our lives, we have to do the work.   The thing of it is, when we are truly fulfilling Father’s purpose and will for our lives, doing the work to follow our dreams, it doesn’t [always] feel like work.


For me, as an author, writing is like play to me. Even the research. I’ve even come to, well, not dread the marketing anymore! (Not if I can just hit that sweet market spot… ) But it’s still work. And it’s still exhausting.


And my launch yesterday was fanTAStic! Phenomenal!  Super! But it was a lot of work to make it happen. And this author is plum wore out! (But I didn’t want to leave you with crickets today! wink wink)




So it’s short n sweet. Go follow your dreams. And roll up your sleeves and  put in that old fashioned elbow grease— or  knuckle grease if you’re on the computer!  Ha.ha.ha.





What is your dream? What seems too good to be true? Too easy? What does your Yellow Brick Road look like?








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BLOGWORDS SPECIAL EDITION – Wednesday 31 August 2016




The month of September is a special time for me:

my THIRD novel and sequel to

slide 2

the final in the unsavory heritage series,

slide 3

slide 4will be available 30 on September Amazon







Dreams really do come true.



No, really, they do.


You see, once upon a time, I didn’t really believe mine would.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was invisible.  Or she thought she was invisible, felt that way at least.  And when she felt people were staring at her, she wished she was invisible.  That little girl was me.  Hello, my name is Robin, and I’m a recovering invisiblet.  I wasn’t shy, I was terrified.  And that made it quite difficult to make friends.  Or to be a friend.” [blog post 02 May 2014


When you’re an invisiblet, not only are you invisible, but so is everything you do.   But  once upon a time I did better than wish upon a star. I asked Father God why my life didn’t line up with His Word.


slide 6


It wasn’t an easy answer, but I fought my way through and now one of my dreams is reality: I am a published author. I’ve written three novels now, but I hear tell the feeling never gets old!


slide 7




So without further ado, here is the official first look at the cover for Cissy, Book 3 in the unsavory heritage series.


slide 8



Utter destruction with a single word. A curse uttered on the breath of a vituperous woman.
Cissy Calhoun is too young to comprehend the malice behind the words she hears. At five, she takes them at face value.
She is evil.
And so the course of her life is set. And generations that issue from her will carry the stain.
Can a life rived by careless words be redeemed? Can the lie be undone? I there a word powerful enough to break the curse and undo the unsavory heritage?


My lovely covers were designed by Victorine Lieske, author and graphic designer.
slide 9Victorine enjoys commercial success through her writing, thanks in part to her ability to analyze and adapt to the constantly changing trends in today’s publishing environment. She self-published her first book, Not What She Seems, in April of 2010. In March of 2011, Not What She Seems began its 6 week run on The New York Times best selling eBook list. By May 2011 she had sold over 100,000 copies. Victorine’s first romantic comedy novel, Accidentally Married, hit the USA Today Best selling books list in January 2015. Victorine is a graphic designer as well, and can be hired for book cover design.




Most heartfelt thanks, Victorine! I love my covers! You done good!



Follow your dreams. Keep after them with diligent pursuit. Your dreams are your own and they’re there for a reason. Make your dreams come true. I did.


slide 10




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