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WONDER of WONDERS! I’VE WRITTEN A POST!!! When was the last time THAT happened??? (other than reviews)

With that, I give you:

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Once upon a time I believed I couldn’t draw or paint. Drafting, yes. Design, yes. Sing, play the piano, dance? Absolutely. And let’s not forget my British accent and acting.

But draw?

When I attended Converse College, though, two professors in particular—Zan Schuweiler and Teresa Prater—drew out and awakened my inner artist. Part of the Interior Design curriculum includes drawing (taught by Ms. Prater.)

Doubt and hesitation walked through the door of that first art class. But by semester’s end, I had not only embraced this newly unearthed skill, I had signed up for a second semester.

History, however, has long been a passion (I only wish I had loved half as much when I was in school) and the requisite art history courses (taught by Ms. Schuweiler) fascinated me.

Fast forward a few years. Well, step back a few years first—I’ve an end table that I’ve had for 30-ish years and have wanted to paint it with a marbly looking finish, one of those projects that seemed perpetually on the back burner. Now fast forward; a couple of years ago I began hearing about acrylic pour painting and seeing posts and images of it and I fell in love with the results; it was what I’ve wanted for the aforementioned end table, and I decided I had to try it.

I did a few really simple and basic pours and shared pics with my daughter, who then ordered a generous supply of paints and canvases and the pouring medium for me. That was a little over a year ago.

I have since learned that there a countless techniques and variations, my favorite of which is swiping combined with tilting. If it sounds messy, it is, or can be. (I’m rather messy in my work.) Another favorite is called a Dutch Pour, which uses air (hair dryer, straw, etc) to move the paint. The results are (can be) stunning but I’ve yet to master that one.

Well, naturally, in this digital age and my physical (and financial) limitations, I have opened an Etsy shop, Bird’s Nest Books and Art.


Please pop over and see some of my creations!! And share with all your friends!



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I’m also trying my hand at watercolors and oil pastels, both of which I love working with. I’ll be adding those to my shop soon as well. And, of course, my books. (I need to have print copies on hand before I take that step.) BONUS: My granddaughter is getting in on it, too; I’ll be adding some of her pieces soon as well—although, she’s sixteen and working AND has a boyfriend!

If you’d like to purchase one of my paintings, leave a comment below or message me on my author/artist page on Facebook. If you comment below or message me on FB and mention this blog post, I’m offering 20% off.  * Free shipping in the continental U.S.

Of course, you can purchase my paintings directly at my Etsy shop but not all of them are uploaded yet. (And no discount—‘cause I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.)


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