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The best laid plans of mice and men…


It’s called fellowship for a reason. It’s a relationship. It’s a connection, communication. Obedience is not just following a set of rules, or list of ingredients in a recipe. A sacred formula.

Relationships aren’t like that. Relationships ebb and flow, they expand and contract. Like breathing. Like the ocean.

They grow.


And we grow in a relationship by listening. Talking and sharing. And listening.

Without it, without listening, we cannot truly know another person, their heart, their soul. Without it, we cannot know the will of Father.


Oh, but when we do… When we listen, and hear Him, hear His voice, know His heart… It is music so sweet.

And when we’re in communion with one another, with Father, we can trust that our choices and decisions are in line with His, with each other.

But there are those times, those moments, we charge on ahead without counsel or instruction. And sometimes that can turn into disaster.

But sometimes… Sometimes those little inklings turn into gold. Sometimes those random moments beget unexpected advantage. Sometimes, those unexpected twists are wisdom in disguise.

And when we’ve made a decision that seems like it didn’t bring the results we thought, well, perhaps, it brings a better result than we imagined. Because maybe—maybe—Father God knew something we, well, I didn’t know. Because He knew I needed that down time, this past month of April to catch up.

But not my writing, not exactly. To catch up on me. On focus.


But it turns out, cutting back didn’t really afford me |all the time| I had anticipated for writing. Turns out, |all the time| actually stalled my Muse. No, no my Muse doesn’t stall out. My creativity is what stalled out because I was (and this is POW between my eyes) turning to myself to get the thing done. I unplugged from Him. And in unplugging from my Muse, from Holy Spirit, my creativity deflated.

I thought my plan was a good one. I thought if I put aside some of my other writing, namely interviews on the blog, that I’d have oh-so-much more time to devote to writing my stories. It was a good plan, it made good sense.

But what happened instead, was nothing happened. Or at least not what I had hoped would happen. The 50K I thought I’d write—I didn’t. At this writing (Friday night) I’ve just tipped 20K.

The best laid plans…

But Father knows. He always knows. He took my little plan and made something better out of it.

And the “good to be Indie?” I made an executive decision to push back my release dates! Because I can do that. Because I’m Indie… Because that’s what Father would have said if I’d stopped to listen in the first place.


And since I’ve done that, since I’m listening, I’m rockin-n- rollin the writing—both the blog AND the story.

Because that’s what communion is about. That’s what communication does. That’s what happens in relationship.


And that’s wisdom.


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I’m hard pressed to choose a favorite book of the Bible. But recently, I was struck with how rich in Truth the book of Romans is. So it’s not surprising that my signature Scripture is found in Romans.

One of the confessions I talked about last week  is based on this verse.



How jam packed is this short bit, forty-eight powerful words of that verse.


I receive. Imagine if you will, a wealthy philanthropist offering you a million dollars, or the key to your dream home—fully furnished. Would you not jump at it!! Or a parent who surprises their child with the desire of their heart. What child would turn their back and walk away?




What can Father God give us or do for us if we refuse to receive it?


Father God appeared to Solomon in a dream, and asked him what he wanted. Solomon asked for wisdom, and God granted him great wisdom.




… that the eyes of my understanding be enlightened.


The eyes of my understanding is an allusion to our spirit man. Our flesh is the container of our soul and our spirit. (another topic for another day) So often, we are so caught up in the natural realm that we neglect the Truth of the spiritual elements we are in the midst of.




And here’s the nugget of today’s post,




We are called, designed, created, to be set apart. Just as Jesus was set apart when He walked the earth, so too does Father expect us to live according to His standards. (As it is in heaven…) We can’t do that if we follow worldly patterns, attitudes, and behaviors.


I won’t lie, it’s not easy. And it’s a constant struggle. Some days I feel like I’m flying high and I could conquer the world! Other days, I can’t even find my sword and I crawl to Father God for a hug and a smile.




But as we seek His face—and we do that by relationship with Him, not follow rules set by Him—we are transformed more and more into His image.


The battlefield is in the mind.




That’s why our mind must be transformed and renewed .




Daily. All day every day. Sometimes multiple times in a given moment. Faced with fear or anger or doubt.  That moment doesn’t just go away on its own. We have to hold onto our Sword, the Word of God, and stand strong.




‘Cause sometimes that’s what it’s all about. Strike that. All the time, that’s what it’s all about. Trusting Father God. Resting in Him. Looking always only to Him. And knowing He is always with us, guiding us, directing us. Protecting us. And equipping us.




What area is hardest for you to conform? What Scripture is your anchor Scripture? What other resources do you rely on to help you in your battle?








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