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CONFESSION: The past week has been total upheaval. Well, okay, maybe not total upheaval. But the loss of a major appliance, especially the refrigerator, turned my world topsy-turvy for eight days.


And drained me. Thus, no devotion post last week.


The new fridge, Tallulah (yes, I named her) is in place, happily purring and keeping things wonderfully cold.


CONFESSION #2: I often write my Sunday posts on Saturday. YEEPS! And this week was no exception.


Well, it would have been no exception.


But then the topic leapt off the page—and surprised me with an early Mother’s Day dinner. A delightful surprise to be sure. But it ate up my day and zapped my energy.


So the post I was mentally planning to write got changed up on me.


Because of the very blessing I planned to write about. (technically, one of my three blessings)


So as I bask in my full belly and my overflowing heart, I give you a poignant poem from Steven James.

In a mother’s purse, in a mother’s purse,
You’ll find so many things!
A cell phone that used to work
But now no longer rings.
A shopping list of all the stuff
You were supposed to get last week.
A bottle filled with formula
That seems to have sprung a leak….
Band-aids, diapers, Cheerios,
Kleenex for a runny nose,
I think someone’s been using those…
Go on and take a peek!

In a mother’s purse, in a mother’s purse,
It’s amazing what you see!
A checkbook that hasn’t been balanced
Since the year two thousand three!
A schedule of little league baseball games,
To stay one step ahead.
A Slim-fast bar you thought about
But chose a Milky Way instead.
Crayons, a bib, some coins and cash,
Some lotion for the baby’s rash,
A flashlight that has lost its flash,
And some aspirin for your head!

In a mother’s purse, in a mother’s purse,
You’ll find a mother’s heart.
Down beside the car keys,
To the van that doesn’t start.
Somewhere near the pacifier,
Below the old receipts…
There, you’ll find a mother’s heart.
By crumpled homework sheets–
The tears, the dreams, the whispered prayers,
The scars, the screams, the sudden scares,
That every single mother bears,
And love, lived out, completes.



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