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“I don’t know about you, but being an avid reader myself, I love finding out more about the authors I read. There’s a connection that’s made between an author and his readers through the characters in his novels.”


“My goal in writing characters with issues isn’t to highlight their shortcomings, but to show how God understands our humanness and is waiting for the time when we realize we can no longer live life on our own.”




The Emergence of Self-Publishing, Print-On-Demand, and the Indie Author


I’m delighted Robin has given me the opportunity to jot down a little something regarding my writing journey. Though I have been writing Christian/Romance/Suspense since 2003, I still consider myself a novice and a newcomer to the writing community. I was first published in 2006, but in 2009, I took a step back. Disillusioned with the treatment I received from a Christian publishing house, I wondered if I would ever get another opportunity to publish the stories God laid on my heart. I’m excited to say, with the partnering of self-publishing and Print-On-Demand, the opportunities for Indie (Independent) authors is almost limitless, and free from the constraints of traditional publishing houses. Here is a summary of my journey.


My first published work, Full Disclosure, was released in 2006, followed by Abandoned Identity, and Criminal Obsession. When a small publishing house released these novels, my works came under the scrutiny of the cursed red pen. I knew that is what I could expect from a Christian publishing house, but still felt disappointed when very realistic issues were considered questionable and omitted from the final draft. After parting ways with that publishing house, due to personal reasons, I embarked on a ten-year journey that landed me on the path of self-publishing—and I couldn’t be more excited!


In 2014, with the advice I received from a multi-published, award-winning author, I began to navigate the world of self-publishing. I did so with equal parts self-doubt and excitement, but I’m so glad I did. With the release of Badge of Respect, One Saturday, and Just An Act, I have the privilege of seeing my completed manuscripts in print—something I’m not sure would have happened within the confines of the traditional Christian publishing house.


I am so excited to be a part of the new lifeblood that is flowing from the self-publishing market. As a Christian author who desires to pen realistic stories, I now have the ability to write what God has pressed on my heart without having to fit my stories into the somewhat sanitized mold of the conservative Christian publishing house. That is not to say that I want to write tawdry stories filled with sensationalism, but I do want to write stories that are realistic and relevant to the times in which we are living. The world is messy. And we as Christians are not immune to those messes. As humans, we fail, sometimes miserably. Not because we love God less, but because we are imperfect. We should not fool ourselves into thinking Christians don’t lie, swear, or fall into temptation—because they do. I applaud stories that accurately portray trials along with triumphs in the lives of Christian characters. In no way am I condoning sin or making excuses for it. However, I am also not so pious as to believe it doesn’t touch the lives of those who love God.


The books I choose to read need to fulfill the three “E”s. Enjoyment. Entertainment. Escapism. However, books that have heroes and heroines who are white knights and can do no wrong, aren’t what draw me in. Real people grappling with real issues is cathartic, and in a sense, therapeutic. To put on someone else’s skin and watch how they overcome tragedy, obstacles, or self-destructive choices, is encouraging. To portray the primary players in a novel free from reality minimizes the impact they make as characters. Great examples of books that are emerging from Christian authors willing to tackle difficult or unorthodox storylines are: Kept by Sally Bradley, Sway by Amy Matayo, Told You So by Kristen Heitzmann, and Tears of the Sea by MaryLu Tyndall. Today, many best-selling authors are not only working hand-in-hand with Christian publishing houses but are also stepping out on their own to publish stories they are passionate about. The self-publishing field no longer has the stigma it once carried. It is a new energy that is infusing the market of literature, be both print and e-books. Christian artists are writing intelligent stories for readers looking for something more than cookie-cutter storylines and unflawed characters.


As you can tell, I am passionate and excited about where publishing is headed. However, please don’t misinterpret my excitement for self-publishing as a way to discount the immeasurable number of talented authors and incredible stories being told within the traditional Christian market. If it wasn’t for the skill of these authors to transport and inspire, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with reading and writing. My personal library numbers well over a thousand books, from hundreds of talented authors. I will continue to support the Christian publishing market—even as my bookshelves become weary of the load. I am just pointing out the innovative market that is breathing new life into an established field, affording readers more choices than ever. Self-publishing is not replacing the standard avenue, it is simply adding to the depth of the publishing field.


Now . . . just to be clear . . . the stories I write are not scandalous or outrageous. My characters just happened to be people dealing with realistic issues. Characters who love God but struggle with His sovereignty during the most difficult of times, or characters who meet God in places they never imagined He could be found.


If you are curious about my books, click on the link below. It will take you to my website where you can read the first chapter of each of my books.




If you are interest still, comment on this post to be entered into a drawing for my current release, Just An Act. Robin will tally comments and select a winner by using Random.org. The drawing will run for one week.


Tamara Tilley has been writing romance/suspense novels since 2003. Along with her love for writing, she is an avid book reviewer for a number of distinguished publishing houses. Tamara has a Bible degree from Liberty University and lives and works at Hume Lake Christian Camps, with her husband of 37 years, Walter. If you would like to know more about Tamara, and her books, her are a few links where she can be found.






“I write what I enjoy reading. I like stories with action, suspense, romance, characters with faults and flaws, and though not always a cookie-cutter ending, a story that draws me in until the very last page.”



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