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BLOGWORDS – Friday 25 May 2018 – rem INTERVIEW – HEART WINGS


for the full interview – http://www.heartwingsblog.com/2018/05/robin-mason-giveaway/




“Maybe you have to know the darkness to truly appreciate the light.” —Madeline L’Engle


CARYL:   What genre(s) do you write? And what made you choose that genre?

ROBIN:   It chose me! As many of you know, I cannot market as Christian Fiction even though my faith shows up in my stories. But so do a scarce few “no no” words, and that disqualifies me. So I’ve made up my own genre, Faith Fiction. #winkwink

Because for all the ugly I write, Father is there. I’ve seen and lived through some ugly stuff, and though sometimes we want to question how this could happen, Holy Spirit has shown me that regardless of what happens, He is with us.

And that’s what’s in my stories.

Allow me to share the words of my sweet friend, Carrie Schmidt, when she reviewed The Silent Song of Winter recently:


“In her novels, Mason wrestles with some of the darkest parts of human nature. But she also wraps each story in the loving arms of Grace… A realization that the words of Scripture are God’s heart written just for her. A new awareness that she is a child of the King who is dearly loved. As this transformation takes place in Pearl’s heart, it touches every area of her life – with some very moving results.”




CARYL:   Are you a blogger? Does you blog have a theme? Have another’s blog site favorite?

ROBIN:   Yup! Robin’s Nest is all about family and friends gathering and hanging out. And books. I follow so many blogs it’s ridiculous, but Carrie Schmidt (above) has become a dear and precious friend. I have a readers group on Facebook as well—Robin’s Readers Flock! *would love to have you join us!

CARYL:   Where do you write?

ROBIN:   In my comfy little nest. I’m on the loveseat with all my necessary accoutrements readily at hand.


CARYL:   What are you working on now? Have a new story going?

ROBIN:   Welll…. I thought I was heading into a new series, The Steppe House (which incidentally will feature a truly minor character from the series just finished) but a singleton that I’ve been playing with for years has just informed me it’s actually the first in a series. FourSquare is four stories of twins, the first of which is One for the Price of Two. In which Bethy and Mere are so identical even their parents can’t tell them apart. It’s a departure from my previous genre, what I’m calling Romancedy. And I do plan to have fun with it.

Neighbor kids have also asked me for stories, so I’m working on some kid stories. And a series for each of my granddaughters.


CARYL:   What advice would you give an aspiring writer?

ROBIN:   Do it. Don’t wait. It’s like having kids, you’ll never “be ready.” And there’s never a “good time.” I open my first blog post with, “I’ve been thrown in the deep end.  Of a deep ocean.  In a tidal wave.” Truly I had no clue. But I learned as I went. But I did it. I writed. And you can too.


CARYL:   Have you always written in this genre? Why did you choose it?

ROBIN:   Women’s fiction, yes. Historical, no, I did not start off with that. Faith fiction, absolutely—before I even realized it, or named it!


CARYL:   How do you begin, organize your research?

ROBIN:   I keep a notebook and clipboard next to me, as well as a folder for each story, and subfolders. Couple of critical docs are who’s who, with names and birthdates, and who’s married to whom, etc. Notes of things that show up like the name of a store or a teacher or neighbor, what kind of car so-n-so drives. And because Seasons was such a compact timeline, I printed out calendar with each day so I could write when a particular / critical scene or event happened.


CARYL:   How do you develop your characters? Choose their names?

ROBIN:   Rather like making new friends. I meet them (and they tell me their names) and get to know them as I write. * and make notes in the above-mentioned docs


CARYL:   Which character took you by surprise?

ROBIN:   In my first novel, I was surprised to learn that a certain character whom I had thought was but a passing and minor role, was, in fact a praying person, and therefore quite the important behind-the-scenes role!

CARYL:   What about setting, how do you choose it? A familiar place or distant?

ROBIN:   The story chooses it for me. But I do locate the area on google maps and “borrow” (a) town(s) for my purposes.

CARYL:   Who did you dedicate your book to and why?

ROBIN:   Because Seasons is about four friends, I dedicated each of the books in this series to one of my best friends: Cyndi, Karyn, Donna, and Dana.

CARYL:   Is there one particular message or “moral of the story” you hope readers walk away with?

ROBIN:   Father is always there. I know we read it in Scripture, but to live through the darkness of this world and know He is with you.


CARYL:   What would be your dream vacation? Destination and mode of travel?

ROBIN:   Ireland, don’tcha know!

CARYL:   What is your favorite season, and why?

ROBIN:   Spring—it’s a (ahem) robin thing.

CARYL:   Tell us about your family, children, ages, pets?

ROBIN:   I’m all about family. I have three grown kids, and two beautiful granddaughters. My daughter and her 12 year old daughter live across the street. My sons live in the area but not so close. My other granddaughter is 8 and she lives with her mom in another town.

I have four kitty babies, Jasper, Juniper, Jake, and Penelope.


CARYL:   When did God first call you into this ministry? How has this changed you?

ROBIN:   Allow me to summarize a blog post I wrote last year that answers these questions. When Father created me, He instilled creativity in me. … for years I [attempted to] shoved that creativity into a nice little box. It didn’t stay… I tried for years to be something I’m not… In discovering who I am and more importantly, who I am in Him, I discovered my purpose. … The more I discovered my identity as a writer, the more I discovered who I am in Him—which feeds my identity as a writer, which feeds who I am…


CARYL:   What was your initial response?

ROBIN:   I had no idea it was actually ministry!


CARYL:   Please share a testimony of a time when God moved mightily.

ROBIN:   My oldest son has been sober since 20 February 2017. He asked me a few years ago to stop preaching to him, i.e. sharing anything God related. My heart cringed and I didn’t think I could do it. But Holy Spirit whispered to me to honor my son’s request so I did. That act witnessed to him more than any words I could ever say. BONUS: Holy Spirit can and will and does work more in my son’s life than I ever could. (and sometimes for all our good intentions, we interfere with His work!)



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