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Mother’s Day has come and gone now.

And if you’re like me, the day is always a little bittersweet.


On the one hand, I love the chance to celebrate my Mom because a) she’s awesome and b) we’re great friends as well as being mother and daughter. This year, we attended a high tea just for something girly and fun!

On the other hand, I’ve been married for nearly 17 years and have no children. Given my age and my health issues, it is almost a certainty that no one will ever call me “Mom”. Except my dog Zuzu, of course, but she doesn’t really count 😉

I adore my nieces and nephews (a total of almost 10 now between my husband’s side of the family and my own) and I have fully embraced the “cool aunt” title, promising to always have gum. (To date, none of them have asked me for a piece of gum. But when they do, by golly, I’ll be ready!)

Still … being called “Aunt” doesn’t quite complete the heart like “Mom”, does it? And so Mother’s Day for me is always a bit painful in spite of the sweet. Maybe it’s the same for you. Or maybe your children are grown and gone and never with you on Mother’s Day. The ache is still there, either way, isn’t it?


Maybe what makes Mother’s Day bittersweet for you is instead the loss of your mother. Whether too soon or after a life long-lived, I’m told that ache never quite goes away either. Especially on days where everyone is treating their moms to special dinners and flowers and hugs. You would give anything to give (and receive) one more hug from your own mother, and so – while you enjoy the accolades from your children on Mother’s Day – you feel like something is missing. Like someone is missing.


If at least one of these scenarios applies to you, then today you may still be feeling the sting of the bittersweet. The emptiness of wanting to belong – to a mother or to a child – and having no one to belong to. Our hearts were created to never say goodbye (to people or to dreams), so it’s no wonder they break with every cruel reminder of this broken world.


May I encourage you, my sweet girlfriends?

God sees. And He cares. He loves you so tenderly.

You already belong to Someone.

Did you see those last few words? “You are mine.”


I can hear you though. The words forming right now on your lips. “Yeah, that’s great and all… but belonging to God isn’t the same as having my mother back. Belonging to God isn’t the same as having a child of my own.”

I know. I get it. I do.


But Isaiah wants you to know that God knew you would be missing your mother, missing her hugs, wanting the kind of relationship other daughters have with their mothers.

And He wants to draw you close and whisper these words to you –

He has not left you alone, my sweet friend. He longs to bless you beyond your imagination.  He takes great delight in you.


And Isaiah wants you to know that God knew you would be longing for a baby, for a child to call you “mom”, for a prodigal son or daughter to return home.


Listen, dear kindred heart. He is whispering words of purpose to you –

You may not have children that are physically or legally your own. But He longs to fill your heart – and your arms – to overflowing all the same.

And sometimes… in His great graciousness … He brings together someone who needs a mother’s hug with someone who longs to be a mom. As empty arms slip around empty hearts, both become curiously full.

A portrait of grace. A reminder of belonging. A glimpse of heaven.

A promise that one day all the sad things will come untrue.

And all hearts will be full forever.



Carrie Schmidt is an avid reader, book reviewer, story addict, KissingBooks fan, book boyfriend collector, and cool aunt. She loves Jesus and THE Story a whole lot. Carrie lives in Kentucky with her husband Eric and their quirky dog Zuzu and is a co-founder of the Christian Fiction Readers’ Retreat. She blogs at http://readingismysuperpower.org








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Hi Robin, thanks for featuring me on your blog today. With Mother’s Day just six days away I think a post about Mom’s or Motherhood is in order.


In 1966 I was born to a teenage mother who decided that given her age I would be better off given up for adoption. Three days after I was born my mom and dad took me home from the hospital. They were unable to have children and adoption was the way they could have a family. My brother and I always knew we were adopted, it wasn’t a secret. We knew how wanted we were. In fact my mom told me as a child that kids who were born to their parents, their parents were stuck with them, Sean and I were chosen out of a nursery full of babies.


My dad was active duty Navy and stationed in Guam when my mom got the call that her mother, my granny was really sick. My mom flew home to Denver to be with her and on her way she stopped in San Francisco and was greeted by my God-Parents. My God-mother, Pat, was a receptionist at a doctor’s office. The day my mom arrived a young pregnant teen had come into the office and filled out paperwork to give up the baby for adoption. My mom went to the office and filled out all the paperwork to adopt this baby who was due in April, and my mom flew on to Denver. A few weeks later Pat called my mom and told her that a young teen had just come into the office and her profile fit her and my dad better, so back to California she went. My dad wasn’t scheduled to transfer from Guam for eighteen months, but with a baby on the way it took an act of congress, letters from commanding officers and friends from their church friends to get him back stateside. While they were in Guam they had been saving to go on vacation in the Orient. Little did they know that the money they had saved would be used in a different fashion, to pay for a baby they so desperately wanted.

In 1992, when I was pregnant with last child I located and found my birth mother. I never met her face to face. We exchanged letters and pictures. She never forgot about me, she celebrated my birthday every January, and my younger half siblings knew about me. In 2013 I found out more about my birth family, my great grandparents came over from Bologna, Italy. I actually have a ship’s manifest with their names on it. My biological father’s family is of Cajun French decent and are responsible for building the Steel Magnolia house that was in the movie and is now a bed and breakfast.

I have given birth to three amazing daughters, and while I definitely understand the love that caused my birth mother, Angelina, to give me up for adoption, I can’t even imagine doing that, especially at the young age of fourteen.


God ordained my birth, and the adoption to my parents, which saved my life. My birth mother was being pressured by her mother to have me aborted. Abortion wasn’t legal in 1966, but she wanted the family doctor to take my life, and my very young mom said No! I am giving this baby life. I am a blessed woman to know my story and to be able to see God’s hand in my life even before I was born.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Hi, I’m Andi. I am first and foremost a follower of Christ. I am married to my best friend, who is great father to all of our children and grandchildren. Together we have 6 kids, and 12 grandchildren. I am an avid bookworm have been since I was 3, and I believe God has allowed certain things to happen in my life to show His steadfast love and faith.








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