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BLOGWORDS – Wednesday 15 March 2017 – CRICKETS – AUTHOR DOWN, yes still…


Thought after so many CRICKET posts I’d offer a bit of why. I posted the following on FB this morning:

“I have to give a HUGE shout out and THANKS to all who have been praying for me since i’ve been sick. I feel 1000 times better today since my set back last week – steroids are NO JOKE!!!

ya’ll, i don’t get sick, i just don’t. I get mild little symptoms and 2 or 3 days later, that’s it. this time though…

nine weeks ago today (tues 1-10) I had a scratchy throat. no biggie, happens once in a while. usually gone when i wake up. this time though…

it was not gone the next day, and i developed a fever with chills. fever was gone the third day but was then a full blown head cold which then settled into a deep chest cold which then morphed into extreme bronchitis. went to the doctor (3 weeks at this point) and was given 2 inhalers – i could actually breathe again!! but still not 100%

five more weeks and it still hurt to breathe deep (forget about singing) so back to the dr. i went.
thsi was last thursday – and rather than oral steroids she gave me an injection. oh.dear.God.in.heaven. NEVER AGAIN!!! jacked my BP sky high and i almost went to the ER. called for prayer instead and i was able to get to sleep – until a thunderstorm woke me up. then i managed to knock my head on a shelf. it;s still tender in the spot.
the past four days have been miserable, i have been sluggish and woozy.

But today i feel pretty great!! breathing okay, head not hurting, but mostly i’m not groggy-foggy. might even attempt a short walk today!!!

the reason for this silly homily is to thank everyone who has prayed and shown care and concern for me. the prayers of a righteous man availeth much – and i got much blessed”

Already with the RA my energy levels are compromised, add to that not breathing so good and i was a mess. Then the steroid whammy last week and konked my noggin.

Today (Tuesday 14 March) I feel so much better the difference is like night and day. However… there is much work that did not get done i.e. blog posts written or formatted.  So, here’s to feeling better every day and no more CRICKETS posts for a while!!

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BLOGWORDS – Tuesday 10 January 2017 – CRICKETS – AUTHOR DOWN


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