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So many directions I could go with this post—so many directions rambling through my mind. But it’s a 1000-ish word blog post, not a dissertation on fatherhood.


Let me start by saying I love my dad. He was fun and funny, insanely brilliant, and he took care of us. He is lost now, somewhere in the cobwebs of depression.


My dad suffered lack of confidence, something I am all too familiar with. My mom ruled our house, her wish was his command. And I didn’t realize how dysfunctional we were til years later.


I only mention this because it skewed my idea of what a father is. For all my dad’s wonderful qualities, there were some significant gaps.


This distorted mentality led me into a marriage that was just as skewed. And after my divorce, the role of father was thrust upon me. (I know some who would argue that a mother cannot fill a father’s role, and they’re right. I also know some who would argue that a woman can never claim the role of father. I didn’t claim it, it was dumped on me.)


Back on point. God is a good father. He is the example for all fathers everywhere. He gives good gifts. He blesses us with favor and surprises. He wants the best for us—He GAVE the best for us, His own Son. Because He wants relationship with us.


Abba is a father who sees us in every moment, and meets us where we’re at. He hears our every whisper, and heartbeat. He sees our every tear. And He knows the cry of our heart, even when we can’t express it.


Two years ago there was a trip I wanted very much to take—Colorado for my high school reunion. Fourteen hundred miles. In my circumstances, it was impossible. But as the months went by, I began to feel like I’d go. No clue how this was gonna happen, but the growing assurance that I’d be there grew. And it seemed a way was made. A friend offered to let me stay in their spare bedroom. Here’s the crazy part. Another friend paid my way. I paid $0.00, zero, for this trip, even spending money was not out of my pocket.

What’s that got to do with God? Because He’s my father and He gives good gifts. I wanted that trip and He made a way—just because I wanted it.


That’s the God I serve. That’s the example of a good father.


And to all the dads out there who step up, hats off to you.


Happy Father’s Day.


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