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BLOGWORDS – Thursday 1 November 2018 – SPECIAL EDITION – NANOWRIMO 2018


“I’ve always had voices—er, stories in my head. I once said I should write them all down so someone could write them someday. I had no idea at the time that someone was me!”


“What.Did.You.Do?” Mere jabbed her finger in Bethy’s chest.

“Nothing you didn’t do first.” Bethy smiled sweetly and shrugged… summarily dismissing her sister.


My new series, FourSquare, is a change-up for me—RomCom. The first story, One for the Price of Two, has been tumbling around in my mind for several years, and I can’t wait to move the story forward, and get to know Elizabeth and Meredith.



Twin sisters Bethy and Mere’s identities are so entwined, wrapped up in each other, it becomes near impossible even for them to tell where one ends and the other begins.


As they grew, their distinct personalities emerged, taking them on parallel but divergent life pathways. They share similar careers and remain close, sharing a dorm, and later an apartment, but will Meredith’s pranks separate her from stable and well-grounded Elizabeth.


How far is too far? When is a joke no longer funny? And what happens when the tables are turned, putting Bethy and Mere on the receiving end?




“the battle for identity, one story at a time”



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BLOGWORDS – 30 June 2018 – NEWSLETTER – a little birdie told me

30 June 2018

Edition VIII




Bird Call

HALLLOOO!!! Tell me who you are and where you’re at!


The Bird House Book Club

What I am / have been reading!

The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron

Beneath the Surface by Lynn Blackburn

A Sparrow at Terezin by Kristy Cambron

A Change of Fortune by Jen Turano

Echoes by Kristen Heitzmann

The Captured Bride by Michelle Griep

Façade by Pepper Basham

Bayou Justice by Robin Caroll


What are you reading?


Friends of Authors Society

Who knows the best way to show your love for your favorite authors? (I’m one, right? Your favorite?) Besides the obvious of buying and reading my books, leaving a review on Amazon tickles their calculations and formulas and moves my books up in their ranks, which in turn means more peeps see my books, which means more peeps are likely to buy them.

There are other things you can do, as well. Suggest my books to your library or book club. Tell your friends, buy gift copies to give to your friends. Heck, tell ME how much you love ‘em!



Robin E. Mason, Author and Artist – Facebook Page

FIVE HUNDRED LIKES, ya’ll!!!  WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! And a big thank you!!!



Robin’s Readers Flock

(still) New on Facebook—a group just for my readers!! Fifty members and growing! And we’re having fun!

I appreciate every one who has read or will read my books, and this group is for you!

“This group, as with my blog and website—and my writing—are all about community and family. It is a place to gather to chat and discuss my books, but also to become better acquainted and to encourage and pray for one another.”

If you’re interested, gimme a holla! I’d love to have you as part of my Flock!


Robin’s Nest, Stories by Design

Executive decision—the blog is on summer break, aka R&R, through August. Perhaps some mini-reviews, and I already have the fellas lined up for Manly Man July Interview Blitz in August, so there’s that at least…


Seasons, the Series


All four books are released and out in the world!!


The southern town of Saisons lies at the crossroads between North and South, progressive and genteel antebellum life. Between East and West, between history and heritage, and new frontiers. Downton Abbey meets Gone With the Wind.


It’s 1912, in a world where slavery is dying and women’s rights are rising, and four young women who once shared a bond—and experienced a tragedy—question their own truths.


The Long Shadows of Summer

The Tilting Leaves of Autumn

The Silent Song of Winter

The Whispering Winds of Spring


 Seasons is ONE | GIANT | STORY, told by four main characters, each with their own contribution and perspective to the story. One set of characters, one fictional setting, one timeframe to research (1912 – 1913.) Get your copies today:

Or email me for your signed print copies! $20 each


New Writing Genre…


Something I’ve noodled with for a while, and when neighbor kids started asking me for a story, well, I set my digital pen to the task. The Adventures of Charley the Horse is a mid-grade story.



Coming in 2019

FourSquare, the Series

Book 1, One for the Price of Two, in which twins Bethy and Mere are so identical their parents can’t even tell them apart. In a departure from the dark tone that creeps through my earlier stories, One for Two ventures into RomCom—quite the change-up for me!


The Steppe House

And in another effort I’ve not attempted, I will attempt to juggle two serieses. (is that a word?) The Steppe House. is a literary tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright. The house in the story—the Steppe House—is fashioned after Mr. Wright’s Falling Water House. Built into the side of a mountain, each of seven (I think) levels is home to a different family, each with their own story. It’s set in the 1940’s, a la Dame Agatha Christie, along the lines of Ten Little Indians (And Then There Were None,) and there is a character named Francis Llewellyn Wiggins; beyond that, I don’t know much about it at all. And in yet another new trick for this author, Agnes Renaldi, daughter of Mercedes Renaldi of The Long Shadows of Summer. In her forties and married now, to architect Alan Steppe, Aggie is a former opera star and childless.



A Christmas novella, The Key on the Christmas Tree.

* not the final cover

I started this story a while back as part of a series, The Key, and have a short story, The Key in the Mailbox, included in an anthology by my friend, Mary Blowers, Blood Moon, and can be found on Amazon.



All in the Family

HOLLA!! After 20+ years working restaurant business, my oldest son, Doug, has a new job in a new field! Hello nights and weekends OFF!!!

Son #2, Russell, is a biker. He has ridden in the Ride for a Cure for a couple of years, and will be riding again this summer. The link for anyone who would care to donate (or share) is:




My poor daughter, Maggie, has had a most horrific struggle with asthma complicated by allergies and, sadly, smoking; I have read / heard that is the single most difficult addiction to break! She’s had a few set-backs, but she is really making the effort to be smoke free!


The Knewbie Kneebie, Part 2

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be recovering at home. One of my besties, K, will be staying with me for a few days and after she leaves I’ll have help coming in every day as well as home PT for the first few weeks.



Manifesto and Author Tag

The manifesto short version is,

“Stories for Christians to see or remember the ugly effects of the lies of the enemy, and for unbelievers to see the beauty of the Truth of the Word of God.”

And my author tag:

“the battle for identity, one story at a time.”


Chatcha’ll next time.

Got questions? Email me at robinemason212@gmail.com.

Here endeth Edition VIII of

Thank you for subscribing!















“the battle for identity, one story at a time”




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