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Each year, toward the end of the year for the past four years, Holy Spirit has dropped a word for the coming year in my spirit.


This year not so much. Always by September or October I’ve known my word for the coming year. But September passed, then October. Even November came and went, and I’d heard nothing of my Word. Fleeting thoughts, words—RECONCILIATION, COMPLETION, ADJUSTMENT—but none that really resonated in my spirit. I was floundering.


In truth, I’ve been floundering on all counts for months—since my last book in May, and my surgery in June if I’m honest. Recovery from both has been tedious, shall we say. While learning something new—using my knees in ways I’ve not been able for so long—I’ve also been rather lost without my writing. (And thus, no post for New Year’s Day.)

It seemed I wasn’t ‘hearing’ my word for the coming year. But that wasn’t entirely true. In fact, it was Tuesday or perhaps even Wednesday, I realized why I was so flustered—RESTORATION, my word this past year, is making a repeat performance. Co-starring RECONCILIATION, COMPLETION, and ADJUSTMENT. With guest appearances by FOCUS and DISCIPLINE.

While I’ve seen so many posting about the difficulty of 2018, and rejoicing to see the year end. I sat quietly in my little corner and marveled at how gracious Father has been to me during this past year. And, it seem, He’s not done yet. Is He ever? Done with us?? Isn’t He always reaching to us, drawing us, wooing us to His side?


…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.  Philippians 1:6


What has this to do with Sunday Devotional? Seems the word of the year has become quite trendy. I’ve seen quizzes and an app or game to discover your word.


But for some of us, it’s not a silly thing at all. Rather, it’s a deeply spiritual thing. And for me, at least, it’s not even something of my own choosing. For me, it is an intimate promise from the Father.


This is what the Lord says— he who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.  Isaiah 43:18-19


Restoration is not mine to do or give. Restoration is Father God’s to give. It’s in His hand, it’s all in His hand. And I’ve claimed what’s mine, what He’s promised me. And now it’s time.




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Looking back a bit, taking inventory of sorts—and snickering at how simplistic and basic Robin’s Nest was in the early days.


Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line… Zechariah 4:10


On setting goals.  I’ve never done the whole New Year’s Resolution bit.  Attempted it a few times, because it was a challenge, and I felt obligated.  To prove I could do it.  Gauntlet thrown and all that.  (1 January 2015)


Somewhere toward the end of 2014 Father gave me a Word for ’15. I had never heard of a Word for the year until somebody shared on Facebook what their word was for the coming year. In the twinkling that I read that, without even the intrigue of the idea, without even a moment to consider or wonder what my word might be, Holy Spirit spoke it to me: FORWARD.



For the record and upon reflecting, my Word for 2014 was:





It surely was true. Everything in my life began to SHIFT in 2014. And Father nudged me forward in 2015 into what I now see as my present. I went into 2014 just beginning to write, I started my blog and released my debut novel, Tessa. And that beginning gained momentum in 2015, and moved me FORWARD, fully vested in this thing called writing.


EDIT: As I read through this post this morning, the first day of 2018, Holy Spirit spoke to me about 2013. My Word that year, even though I was unaware, was COURAGE. I graduated college, and although it wasn’t my planned career, I embarked on my writing. And I addressed an issue within my nuclear family. At first, that looked like I had destroyed my family. But it was a bedrock issue, a cracked foundation that had to be exposed and rebuilt. Now, four years later, the new is under construction and restoration is forming.

Oh! The degree? Interior Design. While I may not be working in that field, I can always do concept work. I have my degree and no one can take that away from me! And the writing? More solid than ever!



True to His nature, Father once again gave me my Word for the New Year before I even gave it a thought or consideration, INHABIT.



Cool thing about this banner—I had a vision a few years ago of this exact castle in which the castle was mine. Imagine my utter astonishment when I saw a photo of the actual place! Even the terrain was the same, and the sea beyond!


This past year, 2017, has been a year of EXPECTATION.


So many things, so many years, waiting, waiting… And last year (end of 2016) Father told me this was a year of EXPECTATION. And I’ve seen things begin to turn. Big things, heart things, things I’ve longed and yearned and prayed for. The tide is turning, the dawn is breaking.


So this year, 2018, is RESTORATION.


Lies kept me from the fullness of God’s Word. From the promises that He has given to His children. I peruse old journals and I can track my history, my growth, changes in my thinking. Learning who I am. I can see dead leaves falling away and new growth breaking through. I think of all the things I’ve lost and gone without, all the promises I’ve read and wondered when it will be my turn.


I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten. Joel 2:25


There’s been a LOT of years, a LOT of things the locust has eaten. A LOT the enemy has stolen.


The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10:10


I’ve been robbed because I let myself be robbed. I’ve blogged about it before. I write about it, for goodness sake! I’ve been robbed because… because I didn’t believe I deserved not to be. I’ve been robbed because I didn’t know I could fight it. I didn’t know how to fight it.

But now I do. (I’ve blogged about that, too. A lot!) And now, it’s time for REST and RESTORATION.


For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,’ says the Lord. Jeremiah 30:17


And the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before. Job 42:10


res·to·ra·tion, restəˈrāSH(ə)

noun: restoration

the action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition.

synonyms:  repair, repairing, fixing, mending, refurbishment, reconditioning, rehabilitation, rebuilding, reconstruction, overhaul, redevelopment, renovation


Restoration is not mine to do or give. Restoration is Father God’s to give. It’s in His hand, it’s all in His hand. And I’ve claimed what’s mine, what He’s promised me. And now it’s time.


Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12


Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19


So I go into 2018 with great eagerness and anticipation, great hope and joy. Because RESTORATION. RESTORATION is mine this year.







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today’s post is borrowed from Laurie Roars and quoted from Don Abbott


God is always talking to us. If we will choose to listen to God… we will continue to rise to new levels. God’s Word will make a difference in our live. That will impact the lives of others around us. Everything we do affects some other person’s live. We can be an influence to others in the world. If we will listen to the Voice of our God, He can really do some power talking.

– Don Abbott, 1 April 2017





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“I’ve been thrown in the deep end. Of a deep ocean. In a tidal wave. …

Since the release of Tessa, I have sought to broaden my writer’s presence. I have joined writer’s pages and groups, I have subscribed to other author’s pages. I started a blog and revived another one, and this robin bird finally decided to tweet.”   [blog post “Drowning” 041114]


When I wrote Tessa I didn’t know for Author page – Facebook or Amazon – hadn’t even heard of Goodreads, avoided Twitter, and wasn’t blogging at all, at all. I wrote. That was it. Only AFTER she was released into the wild did I plug myself into the unique community of writers. A year ago, I was “ … learning to swim. And I think my feet are touching some sand in the murky waters, and I’m starting to wade through this media panoply.” [blog post “Drowning” 041114]


That was media. The other, and perhaps more enriching, branch of this tree I’ve climbed, is writer’s groups [and yes, I’ve attended] and conferences. And this is the more troublesome branch for me, because… it involves money. [‘nother story, ‘nother blog post, ‘nother time – think testimony] Money: I haven’t had it. Not to spare, barely enough to meet living expenses. Ergo, definitely not there to pay for a conference, let alone travel to and from, or accommodations whilst there. I longed to go, to attend, to rub shoulders with the who’s who of writing. I viewed pics posted on Facebook wistfully, hoping – praying – for my turn.


MY TURN CAME!! Weekend with The Writers [WWTW] was right here in Greenville, SC!!! I could walk it I had to…. [so glad I didn’t have to]





Let me take a moment and share how this came about – and the utter and incomparable value of networking. I was part of a thread in one of my writer groups, talking about memes. I do a decent meme, and promised to create a meme tutorial on my process. [haven’t forgotten that, ya’ll!!] One of the participants and I were later having a private IM conversation about it, and she asked me where I live. Because she was coming to a conference in Greenville, SC. That was the first I heard of it! I clicked on the link, Father God made a way for me to pay for it, my new friend offered to let me room with her, AND they picked me up. [oh yeah, I’m not driving right now – long story, also money related… ] And I only heard of the conference on 25 February – THREE WEEKS before the conference!! I shared with a friend how it all came together, and me watching it happen; she said, “Favor looks good on you.” To which I replied, “It feels kinda good too.”


So I got there, and it was amazing. I was at a conference!!! On the one hand, it felt as natural as if I did this every day. On the other hand, I felt like a five-year-old at Disney for the first time. [I kinda was!!]


Headlining our event were Kristen Heitzmann, DiAnn Mills, Edie Melson, and Lynette Eason, all names I’d seen and at least read blog posts. Only one, Kristen, had I heard of before I dove into my own writing career, having read Freefall, a few years ago, declaring her to be one of my new favorite authors. All of them personable and approachable, willing to interact – not sure what I expected, not divas with body guards, I’m sure! I felt as an associate, if at entry level, with their stellar multi-published careers. Quite heady for this former invisiblet!!


Gotta give a SHOUT OUT to the WWTW staff, who were amazing, catering to the needs of each of us in the room – even providing chocolate for us at the mid-afternoon doze-off on Saturday – and making us all feel welcome.


My take-aways from the event – and I benefitted from each one:

  • DiAnn Mills and Characterization [possibly my weakest area] – let’s see, she covered a good gamut – body language, color symbolism, sensory perception. The stand-out statement for me, “Transfer my emotion to my character point of view.” [altho, I think my tendency is more that I pick up the emotion of my characters.]
  • Kristen Heitzmann and Writing a Compelling Story – “A compelling story compels me to write it.” There’s more but I don’t want to give the whole conference away for future attendees!! *wink wink And yes, when I’m writing, I’m compelled to do so.
  • Lynette Eason and Queries and Proposals – For me, more of a review. Bottom line, be professional about it.
  • Edie Melson and Social Media – Hot topic for this writer! Remember the “Drowning” references above? Edie also covered a good gamut in her topic, and made me feel good that I’m doing the right things, media-wise. Mostly. I need to up my “presence” on Twitter, with #hashtags [yeeps! they’re missing from this post!!] and some great suggestions for tweeting on the regular.


And the biggest take-away: no two authors’ path is identical. Every article written, every conference workshop, offers something of value; and every author gleans from this tidal wave of information the splashes and puddles that best fit his or her career. I was very happy to hear a consensus that if you are an edit-as-you go writer, which I am, then OWN IT. Yes, thank you.


I take that back. The best take-away from this conference are the friends and connections I made. Now if I could just get my pics to upload from my phone…..



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The Problem with Pain


The problem with pain is that it

hurts. That’s just what the prob

lem is. And it’s subversive, it sneaks up on you and calls itself something else and always overstays its welc ome. It says it’s ok, you’ll get

used to it. You won’t mind after a

while, and you don’t. You treat

pain like a welcome guest in

your home only this is

your body.

And it hurts and you don’t even know

it’s there anymore. It just trolls through you and strikes out

at you and you catch your breath. And take a pill or

a shot. And we wrap our wounds in gauze

like a mummy. And part of us dies. And pain, it

laughs at you because we said it was ok for it to

stay. It slows us down and says we hurt too

bad to do that. But we really wa

nted to do that. And now we’re sad too. Cause Sad an

d Pain are friends. And we realize that life has slipped by and all the things we wanted and all the drea

ms we dreamed and all the goals we set have vanished. And we can never get them back. And Pain know

s this. And laughs because this was th

e plan. To keep

me, to hold

me back

from what I was

meant to do. From wh

at I was created

to do.

What I was put here

to do.

But guess what?

Guess what Pain?

I say go away.

I say you can’t stay.



And Pain, it knows that it must listen to me. Because

I speak with authority.

But it doesn’t go quietly.

It doesn’t go peaceably.

It goes kicking and screaming and clawing. Even i

ts exit hurts.

But it goes.

It leaves my body and my life.

And now my dreams and goals and all the things I ever wanted in my life can be.

I can do the things I could not do before.

I can be who I could not be with this demon attached to me.

For I am free. I can be me. I can be who I was created to be.


© Robin E. Mason

18 April 2009



In case you haven’t noticed or figured it out, I am a Christian. A Christian who believes in Divine healing. I’ve taken my share of aspirin and naproxen sodium [can’t take ibuprophen] and I’ve taken my share of heavy duty Rx meds, including an injection every two weeks. And an antidepressant for two years. I needed it, I availed myself of the miracle of medical science. And yes, I said miracle. A hundred years ago, things we take for granted now would have been considered a miracle. If I’m not mistaken, penicillin was called a miracle drug when it was first invented. Let me be clear, I am not averse to taking medication when needed.


I also believe in the Healing Balm of Gilead, a Biblical reference to the healing Blood of Jesus. [that’s my understanding of it anyway] I’ve experienced Divine healing before. Healing that had no natural explanation. Migraines. I used to get them. Then, suddenly, I didn’t. I was diagnosed with a certain disease, and while on the phone with the doctor’s office confirming the lab reports, Holy Spirit spoke in my other ear [the image of this memory is vivid to me to this day] asking me, “Whose report do you believe.” I did not have that disease after all. I know because I never suffered the symptoms of it.


Not all Divine healing is so instantaneous, however. To wit, I was born with misaligned knees. I’m now 56 years old. I have literally lived with this problem with every step I’ve ever taken. When I was an adolescent, the issue began to be evident. I had surgery at age 17. [with the proviso that further surgery would be necessary.] And then, the whole shebang on the other knee. Life happened. To date, I’ve not had another surgery on either knee. Rather, I learned to compensate. Bad strategy. Now my whole body is out of alignment. Add to this, a couple of tumbles down the stairs, and a couple of [minor-ish] wrecks.


Yeah, I’m a wreck. Physically speaking.


Now, throw in a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. And that’s where I’m at today. And THAT is what is “kicking and screaming and clawing” as it leaves. Because it IS leaving my body.


And OH! When that day comes, and it will come, that I no longer host this disease in my body, that day when my knees are perfectly aligned and no longer in pain, what a GLORIOUS day that will be.


Why must it take so long? I can’t answer that; indeed, I ask Father the same darn thing! In tears some days. But I know what His Word says. And I believe His Word above all else. So this is my “pre” testimony of my healing. I’ve put myself in the proverbial hot seat. What if it doesn’t happen? It will. You watch and see.



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Hey, ever’body!!! I’m B-A-A-A-CK!!!




Didja miss me??? After my blog-intense month of October, I took November as a sabbatical. Also intent on writing for NaNoWriMo. While I did get started on a story, I did not achieve 50K words [a mere 16K] I do have start on what will be the first of a series. It is, however, shelved for now, as I will focus my writing on the sequel to Tessa. I had not intended on a sequel, but 2 or 3 people asked about it, so I set my mind to it. and find myself more than a little bit amazed at how the story lends to it so beautifully! It’s not a sequential story, as Tessa ended in January of 2012, but a tangent that I wrote right into Tessa, without realizing it at the time!!!

And now…..




On setting goals. I’ve never done the whole New Year’s Resolution bit. Attempted it a few times, because it was a challenge, and I felt obligated. To prove I could do it. Gauntlet thrown and all that. But quantifying an objective, let alone a reasonable objective, let alone an objective I thought I could actually attain, that proved the greater challenge. And so, I failed before I even tried.


That said, this year is different. For many reasons. 2014 was a year of SHIFT.

And this year, the new year, 2015 is a year of FORWARD:


After being “in the boat” going to “the other side,” this year the “going” becomes “arrived,” and I’m moving FORWARD. This scenario was the basis for a devotion I read a week or so ago, based on Matthew 8:23. Jesus slept because a) He has no fear or concern about storms, but also b) when He said to get in the boat to go to the other side, He knew they would GET to the other side. I have now got to the other side.


Not only have I not been much on resolutions, it never occurred to ask Holy Spirit for a Word for the new year, either. A word for me, a word to focus on in the new year. When someone posted their Word the other day, I liked the concept, and in the twinkling that my mind thought to ask, Holy Spirit whispered to me, “FORWARD.” So, forward I go. Stepping onto a new shore, into new territory – MY territory – breaking new ground.


And with that in mind, I have set goals. Also new for me. Not having goals, for I’ve always had some vague and lofty notion of what I intend to attain or achieve. This year, I have given thought and purpose to my goals. And prayer. And I have written them down, and now share with you my dear readers.


2015 GOALS




  • finish Clara Bess (the sequel to Tessa) – I’ve just barely started, but I’ve the general story arc [I’m a pantzer, NOT an outliner] – based on Tessa, I’m figuring on 120K words, and allowing for 1000 words per day, that puts me to April to finish, and with editing, etc, my GOAL is to publish by the end of May!!!
  • design and develop my website [upgrade my blog]
  • author interviews – I’ve discovered a rather enjoy doing interviews, and especially enjoy getting to know other authors
  • book reviews – #MUSTREAD – my weakness is not allowing, ahem, MAKING enough time to read. I read more in 2014 than perhaps in the past [sad for a book lover such as myself] and in doing so, have discovered genres I might not have ventured before! Brian Knack, Jane Ann McLachlan, Anne Elisabeth Stengl, names come to mind!! GREAT stories, and probably wouldn’t have read them if not for the intent to write a review!!!
  • tech smart – need to be more savvy with the tech side of things, and not have to run crying to my techie friends when I need help!!
  • learn Photo Shop – I love designing mine own covers, and PS would open a whole world of possibilities heretofore unknown to my designing abilities!



There ya have it! my FORWARD goals for 2015!!!


#2015, #newyear, #noresolutions, #goals, #SHIFT, #FORWARD, #writingmysequel

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