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“Sometimes, I get feedback from those who read it, other times I will never know if Dishonor made any sort of impact. But, I am so glad that I have an opportunity to share my story. God is constantly at work, drawing people to Himself. To be used in any way in this process is the greatest honor. It blows me away that He allows us to be a part of His mission.”

“Describing me as a high strung individual, is a fairly accurate description… During the day, I often feel as if the entire world is crashing down around me. If I can complete just one of the many tasks I need to do, the entire universe settles in a sense of order and accomplishment.”



rem:  Hullo David, and welcome to Robin’s Nest. Tell us three things about yourself that no one knows.

DAVID:  1. I can bend both my index fingers backwards rem: OUCH  2. I learned how to swim by watching my children take lessons. 3. Almond M&M’s are my favorite candy.



rem:  Cookout—steaks or burgers?

DAVID:  Turkey burgers. Turkey tastes better than beef!

rem:   I’ll take your word on that… Coke or Pepsi?)

DAVID:  I am a fan of Coke, however I just recently quit drinking soda and have switched to unsweetened tea. (Lowering sugar intake, trying to stay alive longer…)

rem:  Coke for me too—but only when my blood sugar dips and only for the sugar. Otherwise, it’s unsweet tea 24/7. Over or under or monster?

DAVID:  Over of course.

rem:  Ten points!! Fishing or hunting?

DAVID:  I don’t eat seafood and I am forbidden from owning a gun by the federal government. So I have to say neither.

rem:  I shall claim your portion of seafood. Vacation: beach or mountains?

DAVID:  Beach

rem:  Such a soothing sound.


rem:  Do you have a favorite Bible verse? And why is it a favorite?

DAVID:  Romans 8:1 So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.

This is my favorite verse because to me it means that we are totally forgiven from our past and that we belong to Him!

rem:  YES and AMEN!! (Romans is my favorite book in the Bible!) If you could spend an evening with one person who is currently alive, who would it be and why?

DAVID:  I had to really think about this one. I really enjoy Craig Groeschel’s writing and sermons so maybe him or Francis Chan. Either of those guys. I would love to catch a just a little bit of their passion and conviction.

rem:  Seems to me your passion and conviction shows up loud and clear in what you’ve written. Are you a reader? Fiction or non? What are you reading right now?

DAVID:  I listen to books on Audible because it’s more convenient for me. Most of the books I read are bios and memoirs, especially stories about overcoming great obstacles in life. Many are military in nature, however I just finished The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row by Anthony Ray Hinton from a recommendation. It was very good.

rem:  I can see why those powerful stories would appeal to you. When reading, what makes or breaks a story for you?

DAVID:  What makes a story is the ability of the author to pull me into the story so well, that I am visually there. What breaks a story is when I feel like it’s dragging along and I am getting nowhere.

rem:  True on both counts. You have a different writing journey to most authors I interview, but you have an invaluable message. What is the essence of your message?

DAVID:  What I want people to take away from my book is that, we don’t have to be defined by our past. We can find total forgiveness in what Christ did for us on the cross.

rem:  YES and AMEN times two! How did your book come about?

DAVID:  As a military child and having moved around my whole life, I have always been a storyteller. When the fact that I had been in prison came up in conversation, people wanted to hear more. After sharing details, almost everyone would say, “You need to write a book!” I was given the advice to blog first, then compile the blog posts into a book. So I wrote and posted my book on my blog a thousand words a week for three years. It was such good advice because, my story developed a following which assisted in the success of my launch. (Of course God had His hand in the whole thing.)

rem:  I’d say it worked well indeed! You are a living and vivid example of Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

What was the turning point for you?

DAVID:  There were several turning points for me. 1. After a drug relapse in prison, I got a letter from my dad stating he would risk his job, reputation and life on the fact that I would never do drugs again. God showed me that I was hurting the people that loved and cared about me. I swore off drugs forever. 2. Hearing a preacher on the radio say that God forgave all my sins 2000 years before I was born. I didn’t have to beg for forgiveness anymore because I was already forgiven. I just needed to rest in this truth.

rem:  Powerful—there are no words [to respond.] What would you do differently?

DAVID:  Just say no to drugs.

rem:  You said in a phone call to your parents, “They said that they were praying for me but, I wasn’t really listening, I just wanted to let them know I was fine.” As a mother of grown children, I have watched them make foolish decisions and understand a degree of the angst your parents must have felt.

You turned a deaf ear to their faith, but could you feel or sense the Power of their prayers? How so?

DAVID:  It is hard to explain but at one point, I felt a very clear physical pressure surrounding my body to turn myself in to the authorities. I had my mind made up that I would even die through suicide by cop, rather than go back to jail. So I know that the feelings I felt were not my own. I was being guided and directed by the Holy Spirit because of all the people praying for me.

rem:  Powerful. (and encouraging to this mother) Father has brought you into a fulfilled and very different life. You said you told your wife (then fellow student) “not to even get close to [you.]” Clearly she didn’t heed your warning. How did your relationship develop?

DAVID:  My wife was actually a student of mine; I was her instructor. At that time, I was not planning on staying in Omaha. I was working on moving back to a previous job in England. I feel like God placed Lindsay in my life. We fell for each other and God has kept us together. My life has been better ever since.

rem:  Gotta love when God places people in our lives—for whatever reason. Before we go, I gotta speak to your “Humorous Life Lessons.” (Making people laugh and smile seems to be one of my gifts.) I read your “Skullnelly” bit—love it! What is your favorite “Humorous Life Lesson?”

DAVID:  You have to read my story Crappy Day in the Library I really put myself out there in that one. (Here is the link) http://dilemmamike.com/2018/01/22/crappy-library-day/

rem:  OH! MY! GOODNESS! I was rolling on the floor! Poor kid!! One more question for ya—do you think you’ll write another book? Why or why not? BONUS: Fiction or non?

DAVID:  My goal is to take all of the Humorous Life Lessons and compile them into a smaller book than my first. It seems like I write best when it is about myself, so non-fiction.

rem:  Sign me up for that one!! Anything you’d like to add?

DAVID:  “Get off your ask.” I heard someone say this at a conference. It means when you need help, reach out to someone. So many people helped me along the process of writing that I couldn’t have done it without them. Find a community and work together. It’s hard to make it on your own and why would you want to. You will be surprised to find out how many people out there are willing to lend a hand.

rem:  I have and am experiencing this in my life, both in the writing community, and in my recovery (from surgery.) David, thank you so much for chatting with us at my little nest today!



“One of the things I learned from this whole experience was that no matter what adversity I faced, I knew that I could make it. Not on my own strength or will, but by the grace of God. It was He who’d carried me through this journey.”











“1 Peter 2:9 (NLT) …For he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light.

You do not have to be defined by your past, you have been forgiven and can have a new identity in Christ.

“If you have an incarcerated friend or family member or know someone who is struggling with the guilt and shame from their past, I will send a copy of Dishonor to them. Contact me through social media.



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