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“Just get me home.” I mumbled—begged—in prayer numerous times.

I had been to a memorial service for a special friend. It was twenty miles from my house and the gas gauge was already hovering near empty. As I cruised down the interstate on the way home, I kept thinking, “If I run out now, I can call….” I was hard pressed to decide who I could ask to come rescue me. As I got closer, it turned into, “If I run out now, it’s only XX miles to walk…” And the closer I got, the easier the walk would be.

Then I pulled off of I-85 onto the exit toward my house, and He asked me, “Is that all you want? Just to get home?”

Ummm… “Well, in this moment, yeah. Kinda…”

That shook me. Shook the core of my faith. What was I asking for? Just enough to get by? Or truly Father’s best for me? Because His best is far more than “just get me home.”

His best for me?


Isn’t God’s best more—far more—than “just get me home?” More than “just” anything?

So, then, what of my asking? Is it not more humble to ask for “just” what I need? I don’t believe so. And not so I can be a blessing, only. (that’s ‘nother post for ‘nother time) God is God of the infinite. There is no end to Him—or to His source and supply. And if He is my source and supply… then my needs should never go unmet, nor my prayers unanswered. (that goes more to me not listening (or asking askew) but that’s another ‘nother post for ‘nother time)

The effective, fervent prayer…


Are my prayers fervent? Well, in my ignorance / lack of knowledge, I was begging and wailing—I think that counts as fervent. And as my faith has grown—in direct correlation to my knowledge of the Word—my prayers have become less begg-y and more confident, deeper felt, and much more fervent.

As to effective, that goes with knowledge. For all the good intention of, “If it be Thy will, Lord,” I cringe at that. His Word tells us His will. As I became more filled with His Word, my prayers began to line up with His will, and are therefore more effective—and powerful—and no more striving.

I no longer pray, “just.” I speak Father’s Word, which is His will, and I know He will honor my prayers. I’m bold in my prayers, and don’t shy away from “big” requests. Really, is anything too big for God?


Oh, and that afternoon? Ya, He used that to teach me a pointed lesson. I got home, breathing a sigh of relief as I pulled in by the house. Next day, though, when I went to run errands, it wouldn’t start. You guessed it, on empty. He gave me exactly what I asked for.

Lesson learned.



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